Is Curology Legit


Are you trying to find out is curology legit, here we are going to discuss curology and its legit. Curology is an easy way for your skincare because you can quickly get every information about your skin with just a few taps on your screens but is it also effective?


Curology is very prominent across the United States because of its easily accessible platform. It provides a platform to simplify the everyday skin needs of every person by making prescription-grade products easily available. Unlike dermatology, it can be used for basic concerns such as aging and acne.

Let’s find out is curology legit?

Curology is an online skincare company that provides a personalized skincare treatment platform and sells customized skincare products. Everyone is nowadays obsessed with becoming the best version of themselves and that includes having the best skin, and curology seems like an easy platform to achieve that. Curology does not appoint any dermatologist to review your skincare instead they have nurse practitioners and physicians assistants. Although the site claims that these people are trained by professional dermatologists.


Curology is not very expensive as it costs nearly $24.90 to $59.90 it doesn’t accept insurance. Just like any other skincare routine curology also takes time and can give different results in the beginning. If you are dealing with acne, it might work for you or it may not because curology uses ingredients that can address mostly all types of acne, but then it does not mean that their products can treat every type of acne. In a real way, you can say is curology legit for you or not after use.

How is curology used?

With the increasing popularity of mobile media in the United States, sites like curology have a good scope of expanding. It is a simple online platform that connects you to a medical provider who creates a specific prescription for every user as per their skin needs. You have to follow the following steps :

  • Make sure your device has an active internet connection.
  • Open the official site of curology
  • You need to take a selfie of your face in proper lighting, and it should be free of any filters.
  • Submit that selfie on the site
  • After that, the site asks you to take an online assessment of your skin details.
  • Then you will be matched with a medical provider who might discuss your skin problems with you.
  • After all the process is complete, you will receive a prescription and your personalized plan for your treatment.
  • The customized prescription will consist of creams combined with three of the ingredients depending on your skin needs.
  • These ingredients are tretinion, niacinamide, azelaic acid, clindamycin.

Reviews of curology


Customers like curology as it’s very simple to order from the comfort of your own home, and it is so easily accessible. The skincare routine provided by them is not very confusing or complex; hence it is quite straightforward as most common skin problem is acne and pimples so they have made it a point to provide easy access to it. You can easily find access to acne-only treatments and prescriptions.

After so many positive comm0ents, we found some of the negative factors too, as some of the customers complained that the products were too costly as compared with the common dermatologist products. The initial examination of the skin is done only by selfies and photos, which cannot be trusted totally. They also complained of misreading the skin symptoms as acne even if the person does not suffer from it. They have made it mandatory to get a prescription that is not so user-friendly. The customers complained about getting the active ingredients mentioned by them at a lower price elsewhere. One of the major drawbacks is that people can not use their health insurance to pay for curology products. These negative comments can be very detrimental to the brand value of the site.


To say is curology legit or not, we used the app ourselves, and the products are quite user-friendly and can be good for your skin after long-term usage. But we can not state it to be perfectly legit because of its assessment procedures.


After doing a solid background check of the site, we have found no well-built evidence against the legitimacy of the site. But we did stumble on a few negative comments. Even though it is always better to get professional advice from a real dermatologist as they can take a close view of your problems, you can still try the site. The site has some perks too. We will suggest precautions while trying the site and do a good background check before using any product recommended by them. You can read various reviews provided on some open sources for reference. Please share your experience with us. We love to hear from our readers.

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