Is Farfetch com Legit


Is farfetch com legit? All millennials demand luxury, and luxury was not easily accessible back then in the 2000s. Customers were dubious as to where to find the original high-end stuff. Digitalization has been trending in these few years, and earlier users were to visit malls and stores to get their hands on such products. 

With modernization comes doubt, and the millennials were tentative about buying authentic high-end products. This website then was the rescue. In the United States, farfetch has a colossal store. is a website that claims to sell authentic branded luxurious items and delivers worldwide with course the shipping charge. Let us find more about the website. 

What is farfetch com? 


Farfetch is a high-end e-commerce store where only authentic products are sold. The website was launched in 2008 and has gained so much popularity since then. 

The website deals with luxurious dresses, bags, shoes, and many more items. It was the knight in the shining Armor for a few foreign customers who were desperate about authentic kinds of stuff. 

This site also has excellent customer reach and does perfect business with 14 stores worldwide and thousands of employees. Is farfetch com legit? Let us get to the straight point and find more about it. 


  • Owner – Jose Neves
  • Address – united states
  • Contact no – 1647-791-3768
  • Email –
  • Shipping- shipping to 190 countries 
  • Return/refund – The purchased item can be returned in 14 days
  • Mode of payment- visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Gpay, discover


  • The huge customer reaches
  • 14 store outlets in the world 
  • Provides different choices to customers to get their desired product 
  • Easy exchange/ returns available 
  • Tie up with around 700 boutiques, stores, warehouses, and authentic 


  • The customer’s service is a bit disappointing 
  • Shipping charges are high, but for millennials, it’s nothing

Is farfetch com legit? 


Yes, it is a legit website, as per our analysis. The domain is reasonably established and old. 

The website is SSL encrypted, the physical address and contacts are mentioned on the website. The website works with legit store/boutiques that directly ships the order to the consumer.


Along with all these proofs, the domain also provides the store links from where the product is dispatching. The trust score is very high, which is an active highlight. The satisfying customer reviews also prove that this portal is easy and safe to use; read the buyer’s feedback below.

What are customer reviews?

As per our research, we found several satisfying feedback from the buyers. However, there are some negative remarks which show some concerning issues. 

Many satisfying shoppers claim to have received high-quality and authentic material. The delivery was quick and easy, the return service is highly appreciated, the stock variety is enormous, and the suggestions for the customer’s need are the best feature. 


Few customers complained about the improper response from customer service and about the mismatched products. 


We would conclude our article now by answering, “Is farfetch com legit?” With the best research, we tried solving your query. Now feel free to shop from this website and share your shopping experience and reviews about this article. 

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Trust scoreTrusted website
Customers reviewsYes
SSL encryptionVerified
Social media presenceYes

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