Is Freedom Debt Relief Legit or Not ? Customer Reviews [2023]


Find out whether is freedom debt relief legit or not. Let us assume you are here to throw the baggage of loans and interest rates you must pay for years. Indeed, this association is tackling numerous user issues by arranging and negotiating with credit organizations on how much debt will be paid. Isn’t it crazy? 

This is unfathomable when somebody guarantees you to limit the loan that is your responsibility—gear up. We are perfectly on the right page. The association has made a buzz in the United States. Let us check whether it merits the hype.



The help is an association that guarantees the clients to minimize the total amount of debt taken. It is a colossal organization that haggles with leasers to give an unwinding debt sum. The organization’s specialty is assisting clients with beating their heavy due sum. It also helps in reducing the time of the debt contract.

Freedom debt relief was coordinated by Andrew Housser and Brand Stroh in 2002. The prevalent piece of this industry is that they may charge their clients when the designated objective is accomplished and the client is fulfilled. Driven and proven proficient representatives are tireless and diligent. Is freedom debt relief legit? Allow us to find out beneath.


  • Directors– Andrew Housser and Bran Stroh
  • Ring them on- 800-655-6303(for clients)/ 800-230-1553 (non-clients)
  • Mail id-,,
  • Address- Phoenix, AZ 85002-2330, California, United States
  • Service- Negotiable debt amount service to debt owner


  • As launched in 2002, it is an old company that continues serving people and helping customers.
  • The main forte of the company is to help the customers pay the minimum debt by negotiating with the creditors. Hence, maintaining a healthy relationship with their clients.
  • Freedom debt relief has managed to negotiate over $10 billion debt of the clients
  • The company’s professionals inquire about the customers before every debt settlement or negotiation.
  • It has already been mentioned on their official website that they do not accept fees from users until they have provided the results.
  • The team of this firm is very polite and generous and always tries to maintain a good and healthy relationship with their customers.


  • From the various sources, we could find legal actions being taken against the company by the court. 
  • It is not the immediate solution to the client’s problem because procedures are slow.
  • The organization has different charges as per the states.
  • is not available in all states.
  • It can destroy the original principal amount of the user.

Is freedom debt relief legit or fake?


These are the most desirable questions so far. By now, you must have an idea about the company’s legitimacy. We want to declare this company legitimate from our research and various evaluations. 

For doing so, we have mentioned a few reasons below:

  • Trust score of the website is turbulent.
  • The customer’s feedback is entirely acceptable and also accurate.
  • Domain age is more than 10 years
  • The website is also SSL protected.
  • The points mentioned earlier prove the legitimacy of the website.

What do customers say about freedom debt relief?

Well, we are clear that is freedom debt relief legit or not. We would also provide consumer feedback to our readers to make them surer about the company.


So far, we have seen significant input from the customers. Most clients have given 5-stars on the portal. 

Although the reviews are excellent on their website, there are some negative comments from other websites against the company. It is because the company is facing legal issues from the court.


With the positive comments, we often see the negative ones too, and any company cannot satisfy the whole audience. Some major complaints were damaging the principal amount by paying late fees penalty.


We have given all possible answers with a deep analysis of the company. Is freedom debt relief legit? We have summed up our article above. We have seen many positive aspects of the company, which undoubtedly makes it legitimate. Hence, it is the right place for someone looking for a solution to your debt issues.

We have tried to provide the accurate and best information so far. If our readers have something to say, you can mention it in the comments below.

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