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Is haresatinbuy us legit? Are you looking for a gaming console to gift to someone special or for yourself? There are plenty of retailers that sell high-demand gaming Accessories in stores. But they levy heavy charges and give less discount. Online portals are more affordable with heavy discounts and offers.

In United States s people tend to enjoy Games on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It has a very high demand among all age groups. In this article, we will discuss a website selling these items at reasonable prices. Read further for more information.

What is

  • It is e-commerce dealing in gaming consoles and accessories from big brands like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.
  • It got created on 11 November 2021.
  • As it is a new website, there are plenty of discounts for promotion.  They get named as Black Friday Sale and new customer discounts.
  • There is a 50% off deal going on the current products.
  • They have a wide range of products. All the latest consoles and Accessories are available for you to surf through.
  • All the products get presented with a single picture and color options. It might look like a photoshopped photograph.
  • The description and information about the product are present in a detailed guide.
  • It has gained 5/5 stars according to its customer review section. There are no authentic comments available.
  • There is no about us page on the platform so, we could not gather any details about the owner.
  • It is not an official retailer of any of the brand consoles.
  • There is free shipping worldwide.

Due to some skeptical reasons, you may wonder if Is haresatinbuy us legit?


  • Contact address: 630 Nagle Rd. Erie, Pennsylvania 16511 United States
  • Email: Service(at)nicegamelive(dot)shop
  • Contact number: (352) 800-9194
  • Shipping policy: They offer free standard shipping globally. It takes approximately 3-7 business days for processing and 15-20 days for completing shipping.
  • Delivery time: It depends on your location but, you can expect the transition to be complete in 20-25 days. If it takes more than six months, you shall contact the website.
  • Payment method: There are two methods for payment, Paypal and credit card.
  • Return policy: For the return & exchange period, 14 days warranty gets applied while 30 days warranty is applied to free repair.
  • Cancellation: you must call them within 24 hours to cancel any order. You will get refunded in the next five business days.
  • Category of Website: They deal in gaming consoles and Accessories of well-known brands like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo.


  • It has various discounts that will get you a better deal than any other website.
  • They offer free shipping so, you do not get charged an extra fee.
  • It is an online portal available worldwide.
  • It offers a PayPal payment method that is reversible so, your finances are safe.
  • You can cancel your order within 24 hours.
  • User-friendly return policy.
  • All the latest consoles and Accessories are available on the website.


  • It is a young website and has some skeptical issues.
  • The trust score is low.
  • Limited payment options are available.
  • There are no multiple pictures available on the website for any product. Due to this, it seems photoshopped.
  • The social media links given on the website are fake.

Is haresatinbuy us legit?

After going through the whole website, we found multiple skeptical issues that made us doubt their legitimacy. They have not presented any about us page which can describe the website.


No details of the owner got mentioned on the domain. The social media links provided are fake and do not lead to any handle. It was their tactic to seem like an authentic source.

They have a trust score of 1% which, describes all the dubious aspects of the website. It is a young domain with no traffic. All the product range seems photoshopped and, multiple images are not available. The discount is too good to be true because no retailer would be willing to sell gaming consoles at such a lowprice range.

Customer’s review?


To find, Is haresatinbuy us legit? We tried to locate some customer responses on open platforms and social media. The links provided by them were fake. Hence we couldn’t track them on Instagram, Facebook, or any other domain. The website is very young, and it has not made any clout yet. Due to this, there were no reviews on the search engine.

The official website shows that it has got 5/5 stars but, there is no authentic customer feedback to back this claim.



Is haresatinbuy us legit? It is a new website selling gaming consoles. Due to this, many players are interested in knowing their credibility before making any substantial purchase. The website is a few days old. We could not gather many details to comment on its legitimacy.

You can wait for some time to see how they perform in the future.

Social mediaNo
Trust score1%
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

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