Is Maureen com A Legit Website [Feb 2024]


Here we will be discussing is Maureen com a legit website or not. The website deals in a range of clothing items and commits to providing a vintage touch in its style.

The website is originated in the United States and works on the vintage collection that is ready to be used the whole year and not just seasonally. They believe that the ’60s was an era of classic fashion and being creative. The brand is all about making new trends and being comfortable with what you wear.     

What is Maureen com?


To answer this question, first, we should know is Maureen com a legit website or not. The website is legit because it has an online presence and several actual stores that you can visit.

They are all about unique styles and customized clothing. You can buy from their store or even customize your clothing according to your need. They have a good social media presence and have collaborated with several bloggers and customized their outfits. 


The outfits made by them are not based on being your most authentic self and creating a personal style statement. They create outfits that can be worn at any time of the year and has no seasonal boundary.


  • Website :
  • Contact address: Maureen 27.5 Broad St Charleston, SC 29401
  • Customer care number: They have no customer care number.  
  • Email address: You can contact them at
  • Payment method: You can pay them using a debit card, credit card, or bank account.
  • Category of the website: They deal in all customized clothing and have some vintage collections.
  • Delivery time: They generally take 5-6 business days.  
  • Return of product: The return period is 30 days in which you can return your product and get a full refund.
  • Countries available: USA
  • Shipment process: The product can be tracked on their website, or you can also track it using the tracking number of your product.
  • Method of delivery: They offer suitable shipping methods for products.

Pros of this site:

  • It is a company that promotes vintage clothing, and if you are a fan of the 60’s era, you should try it.
  • The website also customizes products.
  • They have various diversified and broadly classified products with a high range of options in cloth material, colors, styles, textures.
  • The company makes a product that can be used the whole year and have no seasonal boundary.
  • It is an easily accessible site that anyone can use for anything because of its availability of a high range of products.
  • They use an amicable way of payment and accept all types of debit and credit cards.
  • The order can be easily tracked after dispatched.
  • The company is always striving for a better customer experience by constantly bringing in fresh trends and products.

Cons of this site:

  • It has only vintage clothing, and you will need to use another site for a different style.
  • the management of the company is very substandard.
  • he customers always have size issues because of their products not being true to the listed size. 
  • you need to be very careful if you order a customized order because it cannot be returned.

Is Maureen com a legit website?

Most of the products of Maureen com are manufactured in the United States. The site is new; hence, some people might have some trust issues and visit their store. There is absolutely no doubt about the legitimacy of the company. The products are entirely genuine, and the company has several trusted customers.


Maureen com a legit website or not; the answer is yes, they are legit. It allows you to customize your product in your style and flaunt it on any occasion. They also hire brand ambassadors who have a unique style and acknowledge their mission in clothing. 

Review by the customers

The site offers a wide range of products to choose from; you can order anything you need to add to your vintage collection. The customer rating is good for the website, indicating that generally, the customers are satisfied with their experience. If you sign in to their website, they give you an e-gift card that can be used for buying products online and in their stores.


There are some negative reviews too as they mentioned that their delivered products had terrible quality and did not meet their expectations. Hence we would suggest you be careful before buying any product and check the size mentioned in every product. 

Some of the customers complained about not being able to track their products successfully. They need to work on providing better customer care service. Many customers complained that their goods were not up to their expectations and when they wanted to return them, they were treated harshly by the customer care.


Is Maureen com a legit website? Yes, they are completely legit. Though there were some negative reviews, there were some good ones too hence you should try the website yourself before making any decision. We would suggest you visit their website, and please share your experience with us; we love hearing from our readers.

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