Is P1 Travel Legit 50+User Based Travel Feedback [May 2023]


Are you looking to know is p1 travel legit? Then you are at the right place. This article will cover all the details you need to know about the p1 travel and the details you need to know before proceeding with the website. What is this website about? Is this genuine? These questions are answered in the following sessions. So, let’s get started.

It is usual for people to show enthusiasm when sitting at a stadium that holds international sports matches usually occur in the United States. But, have you ever thought about how to get those hot seats in which people will be enjoying the game while saying hi to the camera, knowing that it will be telecasted all over the world?

Probably no right. It’s okay, not to know. Here, we will discuss one such article and tell you whether it is genuine in providing its service or dealing with some sort of scam in the name of exciting people about sports matches and news concerts.

What is p1 travel?


By the name, you might be thinking of it as a site that helps you in your travels. But that is wrong. It is a website from the United States that provides you information and tickets regarding worldwide matches.

In simple words, it will give you the eligibility to have a seat in the fan corner for any sports event or a music concert that you wish to see live with your eyes. But is this site trustable? 

When we are giving our money hoping to get the result we wish for, we need to ensure that the site is authentic and legit. Because nowadays, we come across so many websites that deal with legal ways as they want to acquire money in non-proper ways.  


So let us see the specifications of this site before we tell is p1 travel legit?


This website comes under the category of ticket booking site for sports and music events.

  • Contact address – Sisalbaan 5-A, 2352 AZ Leiderdorp.
  • Contact number: +31851301550
  • Mail-id:
  • They have been registered with the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • They have been got certified by the government.
  • Payment methods: You can make your transactions using a Master credit card, Visa card, your PayPal account, or through UPI.

It is the information that is specified on their official site.

If you are willing to take a seat at your favorite event, go to the event specified on the site, and click on ‘Grab a seat. You can have a seat beside the seat option with your friend. And the place you seek to sit affects the bucks you need to pay. The more front you sit in, the more money you spend.

Is this site legit?


These types of sites can’t be trusted so quickly as they can’t give you any guarantee about the trip or the seat. But is this site assuring you that?

Yes, it assures you. It is one of the top-rated websites and has also got certification from the United States government and the chamber of commerce. The site was created six years ago and has no complaint regarding its business as of now.

With these points, you can say that the site is legit. Also, the site offers a vast range of events, even the Olympics of Tokyo.

What are the reviews available?


There are many reviews available over the web as the site is a trendy one among the citizens of the United States. 

They claim that the reservation is genuinely authentic, and it was good that they trusted this website. Also, upon cancellation, they got the full refund within just 2-3 days. Do you still have doubt is p1 travel legit? Also, their customer care service is so friendly and informative. They recommend it to others without any hesitation.


If you need an answer for is P1 travel legit? Then we can tell that you can consider this website.

Social media presenceYes
Trust score97%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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