Is Redbubble A Legit Site


Redbubble is an online platform that provides you with products designed by various artists. But ‘is redbubble a legit site, is it safe to purchase from redbubble’ are some of the common thoughts that will arise in your mind before accessing it. This article will help you in gaining more knowledge about redbubble and its legitimacy. 

Redbubble aimed to create a new way for artists to sell and exhibit their creativity. Redbubble is located in Australia, United States, and has been active for a very long time. In this article, you will know more about the Redbubble website and gain more knowledge about its legitimacy.

What is Redbubble?

As mentioned above, Redbubble is a marketplace created for artists from around the globe to display and sell their creations. The money earned by selling the products directly goes into the pockets of the artists. 


It is a community maintained by respect and recognition of the artists. Redbubble isn’t just an ordinary store that lets individual artists sell their products and creations worldwide. 

It’s a global community with over 700,000 artists, created in 2006 and still processing in making your daily life products weirdly beautiful. It is listed amongst the leading Print-on-Demand online stores.

Redbubble has unique designs that straight away catches your interests and smacks your heart.


Redbubble offers you millions of designs and differently created high-quality products. You can shop for t-shirts, phone cases, pillow covers, stickers, and whatnot. 

It gives you a chance to earn for your expenses by showing your skills and creativity. The artists don’t need to report the taxes, and no tax forms are issued for the artists. It’s a socially responsible production with more than a hundred employees.

Detailed information

  • Mobile covers- designer cases and covers are available for your mobile phones
  • Tops and tees- printed and weirdly pretty tops are provided here
  • Bags- your everyday use bags are created different here
  • Order tracking- they rely on global shipping services and local postal services; hence tracking is not an all-time available option here


  • Address- 111, Sutter St, 17th floor, San Francisco, United States
  • Other address- Level 3, 271 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
  • Returns- within 90 days for most of the items and within 14 days for maska
  • Payment methods- PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Amazon payments, Apple Pay, and many more methods are available.
  • Industry- online, on-demand marketplace
  • Free shipping- no free shipping available 
  • Delivery- within 7 days

Pros of Redbubble

  • Ships your orders worldwide
  • Exchange or refund guarantee
  • Earned money is directly given to the artists
  • You get a platform to flaunt your creativity
  • Millions of designs are available even for daily life products

Cons of Redbubble

  • You may have to pay shipping charges
  • Redbubble is a bit expensive due to the involvement of 3rd party printers 

Is redbubble a legit site?

The answer to whether it is legit, is very clear from the above information. It can be downloaded from the play store or Apple store. It has a trust rating of 3.8 in the Printing clothes category and a rating of 4.4 on playstore.


Redbubble is a legit site that gives you a chance to find inspiration, buy designers and different products, and show off your skills and creativeness by providing you a social platform. 

It provides you stickers, device cases, t-shirts, home decoration material, and posters, along with a lot of stuff that is certified. It even won the Pixel award in 2013.

Customer Reviews

Redbubble has over 13k customer reviews claiming to be a trustworthy marketplace. Customers felt very happy and were able to experience some unique art. 


They shared their experience on the social media account of Redbubble available on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social networking sites. They mentioned that everything functioned smoothly from purchase till delivery, which clarifies whether it is redbubble a legit site.

Modern patterned high-quality products are available that can impress the customers and make their daily products creative.


Is redbubble a legit site? Without a doubt, yes, redbubble is a legit site with a high trust rating and having more than thousands of reviews. It’s a legal and trustworthy online store where you can shop many creative daily needed products without having second thoughts. 

The site provides a wide variety of beautifully designed products along with good customer service.

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