Is Tcgplayer Legit?


Nowadays gaming has become an interesting part of communities, so is tcgplayer legit is the most frequent question coming into people’s minds. So, this article will guide you about it. Gaming is what people do to relieve their stress, and many youngsters are now getting curious and enthusiastic about it.

On this particular website, users can get jobs in various departments like customer experience, finance, fulfillment, marketing, people success (human resource), product and technology, and job openings, which is a great advantage for the people of the United States. Here, many buy and sell the games and build applications and technologies that connect gaming businesses with customers or users across the world.

What is a TCG player?

Tcgplayer is an online website where gamers can buy games; people can get jobs, and start earning where the people are divided under various categories:

● Technology: here, the team can develop solutions to improve the website and mobile apps.

● Product: here, the team tries to build good attributes for the buyers.


● Fulfillment Center: this team stays at the top for orders and inventory so that users’ needs to be get fulfilled will be taken care of by them.

● Similarly, there are various categories like marketing, finance, seller success, customer experience, and many more.

So, the information related to every domain will give us an idea about is tcgplayer legit or not. We can also buy games like cards, deck boxes, dragon ball super, and many more on this website. They have also provided two different buy lists; one is for players and the other for stores.


● Contact Address: 5640 E. Taft Road, #3627 Syracuse, NY 13220, United States.

● Contact Number: There is no contact number available on the website.

● Email Address:


● Category of the website: This website comes under the category of gaming where users sell as well as buy various games, and some of them even do the jobs which are made available on the site but then the question which comes into the user’s mind that is tcgplayer legit and can they proceed over.

● Payment methods: All the standard modes of payments are accepted, like VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal.

● Shipping: The product will be delivered to the customer within 10 to 15 working days.

● Refund process: The customer needs to contact the seller within 48 hours, and if the seller approves, then the refund will be done with a reduction of shipping charges.

● Social pages: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Pros of tcgplayer:

● Job openings are also specified on the website, which is beneficial for the people looking for them.


● Users have an option to buy as well as sell the games.

● People who work under tcgplayer have many benefits like time to rest, mental wellbeing support, dental insurance, medical insurance, vision, and life insurance.

● They have a casual dress code and plan or hosts game nights to make the community stress-free.

● They provide equal opportunity to their community (no discrimination at all).

Cons of tcgplayer:

● Return can only be done if the seller approves it.

● If the return is accepted, the amount of the product will only be refunded (shipping charges will not be refunded).

Is tcgplayer legit?


It is beneficial if we undergo the contents provided on the official website carefully so that all the information related to purchase will be known to us. The trust score for this site is 3.9 out of 5, which is average, and many of them also have provided positive reviews about the games and their services.

From the other sources, we have got to know that the users are happy and trying their level best to provide ideas related to various fields, which makes decisions that tcgplayer is safe to use.

Reviews on tcgplayer:

While research, we have found that the rating given to this website is average, and the ranking from the other sources for this site is 233. Users are satisfied with their games but not that satisfied with the delivery process.

So, if you are willing to buy the games, then transact it by observing your safety.


As in the start, we had a question is tcgplayer legit? After the research and information from different sources, we can finally conclude that tcgplayer is legit by observing customers’ reviews.

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