Is Traveluro Legit Check Reviews [Oct-2022]


Is traveluro legit? Many people are asking several questions related to this matter. Various travel bookings and hotel booking-related websites are available on the Internet to reduce your tensions and problems with travel plans. The sector is growing rapidly. And various fraudulent people are taking the chance of it and fooling people with scam websites. For this reason, you have to be very sure about choosing the correct website.

This is a United States-based brand that offers hotel bookings worldwide. We are here with all kinds of short intro, specifications, pros, cons, customer reviews, and other legitimate tests to verify the website. Keep reading this article to solve your queries.

What is


Traveluro is a hotel booking website. This website provides exciting deals on hotel bookings worldwide and plans hotel destinations according to your trip plan. Their website is easily accessible. Our main focusing topic is to find out the answer of is traveluro legit or not. 

A detailed description of their services:

  • Hotel bookings.
  • They show you hundreds of choices and compare the best price rate for you.
  • They are also offering some seasonal coupon codes to reduce the cash amount for you.


  • Contact address: No information is available related to this category on the Internet or their website.
  • Contact Number: No valid contact number is provided from the authority on their official website.
  • Email ID: info(at)traveluro(dot)com
  • Category: Hotel bookings website.
  • Payment method: Only online payments are accepted.
  • Payment mode: You can only pay via credit card or debit card; other services are not validated to clear payment.
  • Cancellation policy: You can’t cancel your booking three days before the booking day.
  • Cancellation time: You can cancel your booking five days after the actual.


  • A valid HTTPS certificate is available on this website. 
  • According to our studies, the SSL certificate is valid. 
  • The trafficking on this website is high.
  • This website offers payment methods that allow you to get your money back.


  • The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service.
  • This business is new.
  • We discover the website is served from a high-risk country.
  • Several, mainly negative reviews were found for this site.
  • People stated that this site sells fake products.

How to access this

In this is traveluro legit article, we include this section to clarify the website’s doubts.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Log in with your email address and phone and create your account.
  • Then, go to the search bar, select or enter the exact location of your trip.
  • Or, you can enter the entire trip plan for their better understanding of your plan, and there can search for the best.

Is legit?


According to our analytical studies, this website is suspicious, and the trust index is low. 

  • No business acclaim certificates are available on this website.
  • No contact details are available on this website.
  • No name of the owner is visible on the Internet.
  • No positive responses are found on the Internet.
  • No social media presence is available.
  • We mark it as a scam company with a 1% trust score.

What is the customer’s opinion on traveluro reviews?

No positive responses are found on the Internet. We portray available reviews from customers in this segment. 


Chris said, 

“I almost spent $400 on my trip to Spain, but this website is fake, and all hotels mentioned they never collaborated with such a website.”

Darcy said, 


“This website is showing the false name of hotels with copied content and pictures.” 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 1%
SSL certificate Yes  
Social media presence No 
Customer reviews Yes 

Expectedly all scenarios are clear in front of your eyes. We try to compile all crucial details of this website. Stay aware of such a website. This is a scam website.

If you want to share your experiences and opinions on is traveluro legit, share them with us through the comment section. We would love to hear from your side.

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