Is TTEC A Legit Company?


Are you looking is ttec a legit company or a scam one? You will be getting the complete details in this article. Also, many websites are emerging and proving to be fraud at some point or the other. But when it comes to a job, this issue should not be present at any cost.

Numerous websites in the United States are involved in scam business to provide jobs to the people looking for one. When you are in a stage where you desperately need a job, then you might not think about it when something offers you an excellent job. But ttec is turning out to be wrong, as some of them say. Let us see the truthful information regarding the same in the following sessions.

What is TTEC?

TTEC, in the past known as TeleTech, is a worldwide organization that houses more than 50,000 representatives, a large number of whom telecommute. The organization gloats about their number six positioning on FlexJobs 2019 “Top 100 Companies With Remote Jobs” yearly rundown. 


Their motivation, mission, and vision are to add humankind to business, develop rapidly by customizing client communications, drawing in, and becoming the world’s most genuinely associated, significant, and regarded association.

Their website makes it known that their purpose is to deliver humanity to business, and in 2007, they created the TeleTech Community Foundation.

Let us look at why people go for TTEC before we know is ttec a legit company?

Why do people work for TTEC?

  • TTEC from home is an outsourcing sector of TTEC that expands what an office is to what an office can be. They use a well-educated work-for that is flexible, skilled with technology, and skilled with problem-solving solutions. 
  • Associates who work from home will use the TTEC technology, applications, and back-office functions. This format will help create a unique program for all 3.5 million clients who need service with TTEC.
  • They value employees who lead daily, do the right thing, find understanding, live life passionately, and act as one unit.
  • The positions available for working at home are customer service representatives, technical support representatives, and licensing managers. Licensing managers will mainly deal with healthcare.

In the following sessions, we will see is ttec a legit company?Along with the requirements they seek from their employees.

What type of employees does TTEC seek?

TTEC looks for they’re from home division to work from Canada or the United States. They seek to find employees who want a reliable, fulfilling, flexible job who are tech-savvy and ready to assist customers with various customer service and technical needs. 

If you want to be a customer service representative, look ready to find solutions to customer problems, and be a positive person with a professional attitude. You’ll need a high school diploma or a GED to apply and have to be the age of 17. 


Suppose you are working in the United States. In that case, the position is only available for certain states such as Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, New England, New Hampshire, North Caroline, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Is ttec a legit company?

TTEC has had three million+ clients to date and numerous employees who have worked with them for years. As they have now set the work from home, we can’t suspect the company to be a scam, as it had a good network in other countries. 

But make sure that you get the offer from the actual company only, not something which has used the name for the sake of betraying employees.

What are the employee reviews?


The TTEC employees have rated the company at a 3.5 out of 5 stars. One joint statement about the company was that it does offer training experiences but wants all employees to learn in a tight timeframe.

 Another con, as claimed by someone who rated the company as a 5-star company, is that the training courses can be overwhelming due to the amount an employee has to do monthly.


If we need to answer, is ttec a legit company? Then we must say yes. But it would be your choice to go for it when you care for the work environment and the reviews given by employers.

Social media presenceYes
Trust score71%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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