Is Utluu a Scam


Is utluu a scam? This is the question arising in the minds of people. So, this article will help the users to know about the website’s policies and the service provided to the customers. This website has various types of tee and hats which are trending now. And as we all know, fashion and technology change day by day, so we need to be updated.

Natives of the United Statesare shopping for clothes from this website. Various offers and discounts are made available for the customers. The motto of this website is to encourage people’s passion and try them to express it out. They have got the best collections from the production houses and professional suppliers for the users.

What is

It is an official online website where various types and trending tee and hats are made available. Also, they are trying to promote all the passions of the people, and if the user wants a product that is not available on the website, they can directly contact them, and they will surely try to make it available for you.

But more information can be only known under the section is utluu a scam so that it would be easy for us to make transactions. After opening the website at the homepage featured a collection of hats and different types of tees, but while searching, we can find varieties of products like tops, necklaces, and many more.

When the user clicks on the particular product, they will see the description and the payment method and an option to add that specific product to the cart. But if the user of the United States wants to buy or transact, then surely, they need to have an account.


● Contact Address: 21 Bath Crescent, Bicester, England, OX26 1DS.


● Contact Number: There is no contact number available on the website.

● Email Address:

● Category of the website: This website comes under shopping, where products like hats, tee, tops, and necklaces are available.

● Shipping Policy: There are two types of shipping provided by them one is fast shipping which is done within a week and charges are 12.99$, and the other is standard shipping done within a month and the cost for this shipping is 6.99$

● Cancellation Policy: The order can only get canceled if it is not shipped from the place.

● Refund Policy: If they approve the return request, the refund will be transferred to the credit card or the original mode of payment.


● Return Policy: The return request can be placed within 14 days after the delivery. And the receipt of purchase or proof is a must.

● Payment method: All the standard modes of payments are made available like VISA, MasterCard, JCB, DISCOVER, American Express, Maestro, etc.


● Discounts available on the products are mentioned at the top of the website.

● The search tab is also made available.

● The customer can choose shipping types.

● Payment methods are also standard, which can guide about is utluu a scam or not.


● Return requests can be made within 14 days, which is an extended period.

● If the product the user needs is not available on the website, they can contact them directly.

● Cancellation of the product is possible before it is shipped.


● Return requests if not approved by them, then the user cannot return them at any cost.

● If the receipt is lost, then the return of the product cannot happen.

● The period of refund is not mentioned on the website.


● Tracking of the order cannot be done as no such option is available.

Is utluu a scam or legit?

While undergoing any website or an app, it is a must to read all the terms and conditions and policies mentioned by them so that it will not incur any loss to the user. And also, the reviews of each product are noted under the description. 

There is no presence on social media of this website as the icons available on the site lead us to the social media and not on their respective page. 

Henceforth, the popularity of this website is too less. 

Whereas related to contact information, email address, and contact address are known, direct contact through calls cannot be done. While research, found that the trust score for this website is 14.2 out of 100, which is too low, which means that the site is suspicious. reviews?

 During the research, we have searched for customers feedback but did not get that. But while undergoing other websites, we have found that they have some negative reviews about the site that it is a scam. So, if you are willing to buy any product take care of your safety and then do transactions.

Final Verdict

So, after undergoing all the reviews and the mentioned information for the topic is utluu a scam, we have found that there are no customer reviews available and no social media presence. So, it does take a while for transactions.

ParametersYes/no/trust score
Customer ReviewsNo
Social Media PresenceNo
Trust Score14.2
SSL EncryptionNo

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