Is Zavvi Legit


Is Zavvi legit? We live in a digital world, and shopping from an e-commerce website makes our lives very easy and convenient. Whenever we think of opening a relatively less popular website, we are confused about whether to buy it. 

In the United Kingdom, citizens are crazy about media shopping. They want to know more about media store websites that are cheap and reliable. is the site that claims to sell these items. Let us look forward to whether it is a trustworthy website or not.

What is zavvi com?

Advertisements is an e-commerce store that stocks music, clothing, electronics, gaming, toys, etc. it is all in one store with a vast collection. Zavvi often provides discounts on their tabs to keep the customers engaged. 

Zavvi claims to give lots of money-saving by launching coupons or discount codes. You must be wondering, is Zavvi legit? Let us find out.


  • Various products are arriving soon, taking pre-orders like the famous Shang Chi (legend of the ten rings) costumes.
  • 50% off on selected hoodies. 
  • There is also a stock clearance sale going on the site, which has good discounts on products.
  • Famous games or movie series like marvel, lego, Disney, DC, star wars, funky, etc., are available.


  • Address – Meridian House, Gadbrook Park, Gadbrook Way CW9 7RA Northwich, United Kingdom
  • Owner- Unknown
  • Email- enquiries(at)zavvi(dot)com
  • Website- www(dot)zavvi(dot)com
  • Essential products- Game, toys, electronics, entertainment, clothing, and accessories 
  • Phone- 200-1570-157176
  • Shipping- worldwide
  • Mode of payment- Visa, MasterCard, PayPal


  • It is a massive store with all media items in stock.
  • It provides free shipping for United Kingdom residents.
  • Zavvi provides a return and refund policy. They accept returns in 14 days only if the product is in its original, unused state.
  • The website is SSL encrypted. 
  • The domain is pretty old.
  • Zavvi often provides discounts and coupon codes for their customers.


  • Owner’s identity not revealed.
  • The shipping cost is high.
  • Low customer rating.
  • Delayed shipping 

Is Zavvi legit?


Yes, the site is legitimate, as per our research. We have seen an above-average trust score from a reputed website. The domain is pretty old, which is an active highlight. The website is encrypted and protected.

The trust score for the site is 68% which is above average. They do provide refunds, but the process is slow. The customer care service is pretty inactive. We still find the site to be legitimate because they respond to your queries and come with a solution for all problems. 


The field claims to keep the identities and data of the customers a secret. The store has colossal varieties of different media, and the inventory is also huge.

Zavvi’s customer reviews:

Out of 5 stars, Zavvi got a 1.2-star rating which is relatively low. We found that quite a few numbers of customers were disappointed by the delayed delivery of the product. 


One of the customers also complained about the refund delay. We now think the question of whether it is Zavvi legit is more apparent.


We will conclude our article by providing you with unbiased, raw reviews about the portal. Make sure to do your part of the research before buying anything. You can take suggestions from someone who has already purchased from Zavvi.

Is Zavvi legit? We hope you got your answer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Social media presenceYes
Trust score81%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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