Is Ziprecruiter Legit


Are you looking for a great review on is Ziprecruiter legit? No worries! We are here to solve all your queries. Here we present a top to bottom crystal clear insight view of an online job searching and job posting website. Nowadays, the whole world is shifting to an online procedure. That’s why job recruiters post their job alerts online, and job seekers spend most of their time online searching for a relevant job.

This website is one of the most trustworthy and famous sites in the United States. Billions of people are searching for relevant job profiles suitable for themselves, and job seekers are also looking for some great people with relevant skills on this website.

What is Ziprecruiter?

This website is using for both job posting and searching. In current times, when the whole world is shifting to the online procedure for all purposes; it is necessary to trust an online website for job recruitment and vacancy alerts. Ziprecruiter is a helpful hiring tool for both candidates and hiring executives. Now, the question is Ziprecruiter legit?


There are two different kinds of accounts available on their website.

  • Ziprecruiter jobs: This account is accessible for potential job seekers.
  • Ziprecruiter for employers: This account is accessible for hiring executives and job recruiters.

Ziprecruiter jobs

This website is a beneficial source of jobs for both fresher and experienced employees. You need to create an account for yourself. Then, it would be best if you searched for suitable job profiles for you. Now, you need to fill the application form with your resume. Now, if the employer finds your profile suitable for their job, they will contact you.

Ziprecruiter employer

There are three tiers available on this website for companies.

  1. Standard: This feature is designed for small companies with less than 1000 employees.
  2. Premium: This feature is suitable for companies with less than 5000 employees.
  3. Enterprise: This feature is suitable for companies with more than 5000 employees.

Firstly, you need to select your tier. Now, you need to select a suitable plan. After the payment, you can access your profile and post your requirements according to your monthly plan.


Ziprecruiter is completely free for job seekers. They can access it without any fees.

Ziprecruiter charge companies and businesses to post their jobs on their site. The starting plan is $249 to $349 per month for three active job slots. For 10 activate job slots, you have to pay them $375 to $546 per month. And for 20 job slots, you have to pay them $799 per month. Honestly, it is a bit costly website.

Is Ziprecruiter legit?


This website is completely legit. They are running their website for the past five years. Till now, they have millions of customers all over the globe. So you have to take no tension about their legitimacy. But for all our reader’s satisfaction and the more insightful view, we point out some details which proved this site as a legit website.

  • This website has a valid SSL certificate that means your data is completely secured. This is a job seeker and hiring site. That’s why it contains many confidential data. But this site is secured.
  • Thousands of positive responses are available about this website on the internet.
  • A good and trustworthy social media presence is also available on Facebook and their official site. All links are workable.
  • The trust score is 75 percent which means this site is active trustworthy, and legit.

Job seekers and employer’s responses about this website:

We spot mixed reactions from both job seekers and job recruiters on the internet. We present here both kinds of responses to portray a clear picture of this website.

Satisfied responses from the side of job seekers and hiring executives:

  • John said, “This site is a worthy site for job seekers. You can give all the details about your skills and they will show the suitable job profiles as soon as possible.”
  • Richard said, “As a hiring manager, it is always unmanageable to grab some quality people in our team from the normal interviewing process. We had limited C.V options. But after I tried my hands on this website, we get several great resumes with relevant skills.”

Unsatisfied job seekers and hiring executives:

  • Mirable says, “They are showing a good image on the internet, but the outcome result is complete zero. I applied for several jobs, but there was no response.”
  • Darcy said, “I am unable to find quality candidates for my job vacancy. Some of them are fake, and some of them are not responding. It’s disappointing.”


ParametersAvailability Status
Trust score75%
SSL certificateYes
Customer’s reviewYes
Social media presenceYes

Here are all details about this website. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand each insightful information about Ziprecruiter and solve all questions.

You can also write to us about your experiences, views, and suggestions for both the website and this article “is Ziprecruiter legit”in the comment section. We are eagerly waiting to see your responses.

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