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Do you want to know the answer to the question is jumbulary legit or a scam?If yes, then you are on the right page. We are here to assist you with a review of this website. It is a game that seeks to broaden your vocabulary, improve your spelling skills, and use your mind by organizing scrambled characters to form the phrase. 

It was released in July 2020. This game has a lot of potentials and is very enticing to children. Read the entire article containing all the information you would like to know to assess if the website is legitimate or a scam.

What is JumBulary?

JumBulary was designed to help you enhance your language. They made a game with a few twists. They will challenge the player’s wits to the test by having to solve the jumbled characters to make the correct words. 


The game is popular among school kids, and it is specially designed for school kids because it will help them built their vocabulary. So if you are bored in this pandemic, you can always try playing this game. 

They add ‘Skip’ to balance the points earned from fixing easy words than the hard words. But it helps you to determine the hard word from the hints. Speaking skill is a vital way of building a good speech. You may find thousands of terms with meanings on JumBulary.

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  • Domain Creation Date- Tuesday 14th, July 2020 12:00 am
  • Domain Age- 1 year, 13 days old
  • Website Popularity- 2019224 (Poor)
  • Domain Black-list Status- Not detected by any black-list engine
  • HTTPS Connection- Valid HTTPS Found
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites- 15/100
  • Threat Profile- 26/100
  • Phishing Score- 26/100
  • Malware Score- 14/100
  • Spam Score- 3/100
  • The player must ‘Sign-Up’ to play this game.
  • Email- jumbulary@gmail.com
  • Available on Facebook


  • It is a free game for all users.
  • You get ‘Hints’ in the game. 
  • Easy way of learning new words
  • You can share the referral code with your friends to get an exclusive bonus.
  •  Increases spelling abilities.

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  • Details of who created this game are not mentioned anywhere on the website.
  • Much negative feedback
  • Bad popularity
  • less market experience
  • The phone number is missing.
  • There are ads on every page which makes them dubious.
  • Details on the website are not verified.

Is jumbulary legit?

Their official website received a trust index of 58.1 percent, implying that caution is mandatory before playing this game. The pros of this website tell us that it helps children to improve their vocabulary. 

Not only children but also elders can play this game. The cons of this website tell us many important details were missing. It’s a brand new game. Last year it was debuted and immediately became highly popular. 


After all the analysis, we can confidently say that this game is not legit. We recommend you to look for other alternatives that can help you in the betterment of your vocabulary. 

What are customers’ reviews?

Several reports came during the search that assisted us in fully comprehending this website. As previously said, their popularity is poor. The average customer rating is 2.6 stars. 

There are reviews all over the internet. Most of the reviews were negative, which tells us that it is not reliable. People say that it is they were not able to collect any credit points. Some people also faced issues with their servers.



This game is unsophisticated. It lacks contact details and crucial components that affect its legitimacy. Based on a thorough study, we believe that this website has enormous potential, but they have to make some modifications to cope with their popularity. 

Now we can confidently answer the question, is jumbulary legit?by stating that it is not legit. We have provided you with all of the information you require regarding this online business. You can now make your decisions. 

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