Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu


Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu? A plate of delicious food and an hour of disturbance-free sleep does nothing but smoothening our soul right. If you are someone who is into non-veg with the combination of rice, then you should go for Chinese cuisine and enjoy it to the core. We are here to give you all the details about one such place where you can get this, namely Kunia Chinese Restaurant.

No matter how stressed the situations at our work, a tasty meal after that will leave us at peace, right. In the United States, this restaurant is trending nowadays. Here we will see why it is getting more fame and the factor that drives everyone to go there.

What is Kunia Chinese Restaurant?

Chinese restaurant is a restaurant that is known to serve the staple of Chinese cuisine. A typical meal in China consists of rice that is served with an item of Non-veg.So it is called a Chinese restaurant bound to serve this type of food, meaning Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu is filled with these items but with various varieties.


The Chinese Restaurants getting open in the United States started at the time of the California Gold Rush. Some people from China were happened to go and settle in the United States. As they were found to eat food usually eaten in their country, natives gave it a try. Surprisingly, they loved it, and this is how Chinese restaurants are started in other counties, which spread all over the world. 

As the demand for Chinese food kept on increasing in some parts of the world, opening Chinese restaurants also kept on increasing. These restaurants are found mainly in the parts of Asia than in the other parts of the world. In the words of Chinese people, through the food being served in these restaurants is of Chinese cuisine, the taste won’t be the same as the authentic food served in China. 

This restaurant is run by people of Chinese origin and known to give the best taste for all the dishes available on Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu. Although there are many Chinese restaurants available in the country, this is the best restaurant known. In the next session of this article, we will give a clear picture of the available items and whatnot, everything about it. 


  • This restaurant comes under the category of Chinese cuisines.
  • Location: 94-673 Kupuohi St, Waipahu, HI 96797, United States.
  • Link for the website: https://www.quickcuisinehawaii.com/.
  • Contact number: 808-678-2889.
  • Available modes: Dining, reserving as well as door delivery.
  • Payment methods: Cash, Credit, or debit card.
  • Main categories of food: Non-veg items, seafood, soups, vegetables, Eggs, Noodles, and Fried rice. 
  • Number of employees working: 60+
  • Functioning time: 8 am to 9 pm on all days.
  • Areas they can deliver food: In and around Waipahu.
  • Average rating: 4.4 out of 5.

Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu


The long list of menus offered by the restaurant has 18 main categories, under which we have hundreds of sub-recipes. Here we are giving the complete details of all the items on the menu and the prices. Let’s get started.

CategoryNumber of itemsPrice
A1.Carb Puff6$9.95
A2. Spring Rolls4$8.95
A3. Crispy Won Ton12$8.50
A4. Crispy Gau Gee8$9.95
Steam Buns6$5.95
A5. Chinese Chicken salad$9.95
S1. Chicken corn soup$11.50
S2. Won Ton soup$10.50
S4. Hot and Sour soup $11.95
S5.Pork vegetable soup$11.95
S6. Chicken vegetable soup$10.95
S7. Seafood Tofu soup$14.95
S8. Scallop egg soup$15.95
Chef’s Special  
Fried whole flounder$12.95
Sea food laksa$14.95
Nuts with Aspargus$10.95
Shrimp Rice noodle$12.95
Pork chop$12.95
Salt chicken wings$13.95
Oxtail with rice$11.95
Aspargus with beef$12.95
Red wine tail stew$14.95
Chicken and Duck  
Seasame chicken $19.95
Pecking duck $20.95
Roast duck $14.95
Crispy fried chicken $11.95
Oyster Sauce chicken $14.95
Lemon chicken $13.95
Cold ginger chicken $13.95
Orange chicken $13.95
Mushroom chicken $14.95
Chicken Black bean sauce $14.95
Kung Pao chicken $19.95
General Tso’s chicken $11.95
Sweet and sour chicken $14.95
Chicken with mixed vegetables $13.95
Chicken with broccoli $11.95
Minute chicken $14.95
Roast duck $14.95
Chicken with long beans $19.95
Pecking duck with buns $23.50
Vegetables and eggs  
Oyster sauce $10.50
Mix vegetables $12.50
Fried tofu $12.50
Mushroom with snow peas $10.50
Chop Suey $12.50
Long beans with tofu $12.50
Ong choy with garlic $10.50
Eggplant tofu $10.50
Garlic asparagus $10.50
Shrimp egg $12.50
Chicken egg $12.50
Egg fyung $10.50
Char seu egg fuyung $12.50
Salted duck egg $3.50
Sizzling platter  
Seafood combination $15.50
Shrimp black bean sauce $19.55
Beef black bean sauce $15.50
Black pepper steak $15.50
Tenderloin steak $19.55
Fried Rice  
Seafood fried rice $10.95
House fried rice $14.95
Shrimp fried rice $14.95
Char Siu fried rice $10.95
Chicken fried rice $12.95
Beef friend rice $12.95
Young chow fried rice $10.95
Garlic fried rice $14.95
Vegetable fried rice $10.95
Steamed fried rice $12.95
Salted fish and chicken fried rice $14.95
Beef and pork $14.50
Choy with pork $12.95
Choy with Beef $14.50
Beef with broccoli $13.95
Long beans with pork $14.50
Beef vegetables $12.95
Pork vegetables $14.50
Mongolian Beef $13.95
Beef chop suey $12.95
Sweet sore pork $12.95
Sweet sore spareribs $12.95
Pot roast pork $13.95
Eggplant with hot garlic Sauce $13.95
Ma-po tofu $13.95
Stuffed eggplant with pork hash $12.95
Char siu $14.50
Pork with Bittermelon $13.95
Beef with Bittermelon $12.95
Mushroom beaf $14.50
Beef with snow beans $14.50
Roast pork $12.95
Salted pepper pork $13.95
Beef with long beans $13.95
Pork with long beans $12.95
Pork with sour cabbage $13.95
Beef with sour cabbage $14.50
Seafood Chow Mein House special Chow Mein $12.50
Minute Chicken Chow Mein $19.55
Shrimp vegetable Chow Mein $13.95
Beef Chow Funn $13.95
Chai Sui Chow Funn $13.95
Beef Chow Funn Black Bean Sauce $13.95
Gon Lo Mein $7.95
House Special Lo Mein $7.95
Country Style Rice Noodle $7.95
Singapore Rice Noodle $7.95

The above mentioned is the table representing all the items in the Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu.

Popularly served items in Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu

Among all the items represented over the menu, few dishes are ordered by most people who visit this restaurant. This may help you choose the best one when you visit.

  • Crab Puff
  • Orange Chicken
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp
  • General Tso’s chicken
  • House fried rice
  • Crispy Gay Gee
  • Beef broccoli
  • Roast duck
  • Spring rolls
  • Char Siu friend rice

Among these, 30% of the people who see Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu will not go without ordering Crispy Gay Gee. This is the most-selling item to date. 

Special Plates by the restaurant

In addition to the items listed above, a few unique plates are available at the restaurant, mentioned as lunch plates and dinner plates on the menu. 

Under lunch plate, roast duck on rice, chicken with rice, or beef with rice is served with a side dish as Kay Yuk, Crispy Gau Gee, and sweet-sour Spareribs.


Under the dinner plate, anyone of the fried rice is served with sauce. For example, chicken fried rice with Oyster chicken sauce and beef with chicken corn soup. Also, you can order dinner for three, dinner for four, and dinner for five by selecting your favorite recipes from the Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu.

What do Customers Say?

People say that all the dishes mentioned on the menu are available all the time whenever you go. We got to know from the customers, that the taste of every dish is reaching the people’s expectations. And it is a good restaurant if you plan to go out with family and enjoy a hard-core non-veg dinner. 

Vegetarian eaters say that their dishes also taste good, but the only limitation is that they should include more vegetarian dishes in Kunia Chinses Restaurant Menu. The feedback from the customers is optimistic, saying that management is quick, the restaurant is clean. 

Closing thoughts

Although there are no customer reviews available on their website, we can see some reviews on their social media pages. The restaurant held a trust score of 60%, which is not considered bad. Overall, it is a large restaurant when you crave Chinese cuisine and can order anything from Kunia Chinese Restaurant Menu. 

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