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Are lids by design reviews legit or not? >> Find out all the facts and details about it, read the feedback 2022, pros and cons.

The beauty industry is launching new products for each body part and helping our body and its part to function healthily.


Beauty brands are always looking for scopes to launch new products. Recently, a group of people put their attention on eye health. You can find thousands of new products that help you maintain your eye health. From resolving dark circles to various eye drops. But what about eyelids which are the most sensitive part of our eyes?

Our article is all about eyelids. This brand launched a product that maintains the health of our eyelids. These eyelids are the security guard of our eyes. But in daily hassle, it is hard to care for them. As a result, they are apparently falling. To let you know if this is safe and legit, we presented a detailed review below.

What are lids by design? 

Lids by design are beauty care products that prevent lids from falling unnecessarily and help them grow more naturally. One box contains at least eighty patches, and you can even get two extra patches for practice. 


This whole thing comes in a plastic square box. You get plastic tweezers to use the patches ideally, and it is an additional item, and it helps you apply it Smoothly. Here we are dissuaded on lids by design reviews.

What are the essential facts before using the lids by design?

There are some vital facts to remember before using the product, which is given below 

  • Clean your eyes before putting the straps on your eyes.
  • Don’t use your fingers while placing the product on your eyes.
  • Always use a tweezer while applying it.

How to apply lids by design?


To present lids by design reviews, it is necessary to the application process.

  • When applying the strips, make sure that your eyelids are squeaky clean, devoid of any makeup, moisturizers, oil, or dirt. 
  • You can use eyelid prep pads to ensure this. But do not apply the strips until your eyelids are dry.
  • Now, your task is to identify the perfect area for placing the tapes on the eyelids.
  • Look for the folding line or crease on your eyelids. After you have done this, lift your eyebrows to pull any extra skin that might come in the way of placing the strip. However, if you still cannot figure out the crease, try this simple technique. 
  • Close your eyes and pinch the top and bottom of your eyelids gently to locate the perfect folding line. This is especially beneficial for people with lined eyelids who find it challenging to understand which crease is the correct one to place the strip on.
  • Now, use the plastic tweezers to remove the strips from the sheet. Make sure you take the utmost care while doing this. 
  • Since the strips are fragile, there is a possibility that the corners might get damaged while peeling them off. And if it happens, the strips will refuse to stick to the eyelids properly.
  • Use the tweezers to place the patch onto the fold of your eyelid carefully. (You are reading: lids by design reviews)
  • Now, twist the tweezer gently to separate the strip from it. Then, remove the tweezer.
  • After placing the strip, hold and press it down for some time to ensure it sticks to the skin well.
  • Once it has blended with the skin, the tape will no longer be visible. You can also apply some light makeup to make them even less prominent.
  • These breathable, water-resistant strips are available in different sizes and provide you with choices that you think are most suitable for you.
  • Depending on the occasion or the degree of sagging, you can select the large, medium, or small ones.

Benefits of lids by design

  • Give a better, brighter look that is scientifically made; these eyelid correcting patches lift your eyelids to give you a youthful, natural look. They define your eyes, make them look more attractive, and help restore their lost symmetry considerably. These eyelid lifting patches are appropriate for most skin tones.
  • Become invisible upon contact with skin, and since they easily blend with practically almost all skin tones, they do not interfere with your makeup. These eyelid correcting patches look translucent when combined with other cosmetic products. You can also wear any eye-makeup with them.
  • It gives instant results. These eyelid-enhancing patches give you immediate results. So, there is no need to wait after applying for them. (You are reading: lids by design reviews)
  • Safe on the eyes and skin. These eyelid-correcting strips are safe as medical experts design them. You can wear them for any number of hours without worrying about any possible damage to your skin or eyes.
  • They can also help improve your vision by lifting the eyelids.
  • The eyelid correction surgeries not only dent a hole in your pocket. But they are also invasive and fraught with risks. On the other hand, these eyelid patches are cheaper, safer, and also more effective.

Are lids by design legit?

According to our research, this product is suspicious in our lids by design reviews.

  • We cannot mark it legit and give it 30% trust because people are not satisfied with the effect.
  • All contents of this website do not adequately describe all the features and essential things.
  • No social presence is another crucial fact, and the indication is also harmful.

What are lids by design reviews?

Not all people are satisfied with the product. Some of them were angry about it and called it a fake product to use. Because there are no visible results. Many people also said their eyelids are falling massively after using the product.


There are only a handful of positive reviews available, but those are not trustworthy. It is not a big deal to give fake reviews on behalf of companies. All in all, after analyzing everything, we found this fake.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 30% 
Social media presence No  
Customer opinion Yes    

In these lids by design reviews, we mark this beauty care product as a scam. It is better to avoid this product. If you want to use it, use it with your safety concerns.

Please share your experiences and views about this product in our comment section, and let us know about the story of your side.

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