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Suppose there were no streaming platforms developed before this pandemic quarantine. How would society have endured those endless gloomy monotonous days? In this post we are here to guide you through livexlive activate procedure to create your life more peaceful than it ever was.

With major new streaming platforms launching every day in the United States, the competition in the business is hard to stay at the top. The services rendered on these platforms are advancing with each passing day and are preferred almost by every user as they are an excellent source of amusement.

What is livexlive?

The livexlive is an online music streaming service platform and live videos. It is available in the United States and Canada. Users can easily access all its services online through the website, via smartphones, or on any available OTT device of the user preference.

It lets users build customized music playlists and stations and share them with their friends and family. The site is a type of internet radio and is available only in the English language. The registration on the site is optional for a limited number of plays, and then the user can register, which is free of cost.


It was launched in 2007 and had been gaining popularity ever since then.

They offer free services supported by advertisements, which the user has to watch after a few songs. The user can even purchase the subscription for additional features and listen to music ad-free and without any disturbances to skip the ads.

How to go about livexlive activate process?

 The user can avail of the services of livexlive and listen to favorite music on any preferred streaming device without much hassle.

By following the steps below, you can very easily activate the services.

· The services are free on the website, and anyone can listen to a limited number of songs without registration.


· The users will have to register for listening unlimited music.

· To register, create an account by login into the web page and providing an email address and other requisite information.

· After creating the account, the users can listen to festivals and concert live streams, original shows, and podcasts and avail many other services.

· To listen to ad-free content, they need to subscribe to their services available at a very reasonable rate.


· The plus membership services are available at $3.99 per month that offer the maximum audio quality and unlimited skips.

· Premium membership services can be activated at $9.99 per month, and the music is available offline, and users can play on-demand.

What are user reviews?

We did meticulous research on how the users acknowledged the services provided by them and got a diverse response. 

As per the reviews, On-demand playback is the best service offered by them. The interface is very preferred among the users, and they love using it. The website is very well developed and with very easy livexlive activate the process to follow. They even have an amazing collection of content screaming for their users.

Some customers were dissatisfied with the lack of family plans that are very common on such streaming platforms. Some users suggested that they need to improve a lot on their services and do not respond well to On-demand play. 


With so much competition in the streaming business, they need to work harder to put on an ace game.

Is the company legit?

Based on extensive user acknowledgment based in the United States and analysis, we can very assuredly claim it to be safe to use and subscribe to. With diverse responses on the app store, the app’s rating stands at a solid 4.1 out of 5, which is a positive outcome. All of this data gives us sufficient knowledge for us to hold the app legitimate.


People stay in their houses to stay safe and rely on these online streaming platforms for their method of pleasure. With immense competition in this line of business, it is essential to be on the top game to control the market. 

Every day, these apps offer new services and include the latest features to entertain the users and keep them hooked. The simple and easy livexliveactivate user guide is preferable among customers.

I will suggest doing some investigation before selecting an online streaming platform and matching the rates and services they provide. Please continue sharing your thoughts with us.

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