Love Shop Box Reviews -100+ Customer Says [Feb 2024]


Read love shop box reviews? Then, in that case, your search ends here. This article will get to know all the details about this love box and how it works. Many products of this sort have been selling online recently, but most of them do not work. If you don’t want to fall into this scam issue, we need to see its customer reviews and check the pros and cons.

This product is now available in all parts of the United States. It is a good option if you want to surprise your partner for their birthday and make someday a memorable one. But what if it doesn’t work? What if it gets destroyed very early? It is the reason we need to check all the details precisely before we proceed to buy. Let us see all of them in the following sessions. 

How does the Lovebox work?

When you receive your Lovebox in the mail, the subtly curved box, red widget heart, and a small pamphlet of instructions come inside. Here’s how it works, step by step:

  • Place the heart on the golden axis of the Lovebox: You’ll also want to plug your Lovebox into an outlet with the included power adapter and the USB cable. Shortly, instructions will appear on the screen to set it up.
  • Connect to Lovebox’s WiFi network with your smartphone: The network will be in the format ‘Lovebox-XXXX’ and will pop up on your Lovebox’s screen. And don’t worry — it won’t boot you out of your home’s WiFi.
  • Choose your language, name, and password: Available in both English and French, the Lovebox will ask for the password of your home’s WiFi network, your email address, and what you’d like to name your Lovebox.
  • Share the tiny secret code with anyone you want to receive messages from. An eight-digit code will then appear, and you can share it with your partner, parents, close family, and friends. This feature was a pleasant surprise; I didn’t know more than one person could send messages your way.
  • Download the paired Lovebox app and get to sending. The heart will spin and make a soft sound when you receive a new message. It’s compatible with iOS and Android, too.

It may take about five minutes to set up my Lovebox — super simple. In the next session, we will see love shop box reviews. 


  • It’s a sweet surprise to see the red heart spin and know ‘someone is thinking of you. Even better? 
  • The Lovebox keeps a history of all the messages received on the paired app so you can always have your memories (and can even print out the cute notes for a personalized scrapbook), even when the next one pops up.
  • Another check in favor of the Lovebox is its user-friendly components. You can draw and even send pre-made gifs, including: ‘my heart is perfect because you are in it,’ ‘I love life with you,’ and even ‘life begins after coffee.’
  • They may sound corny, but any hopeless lover of sentimental messages from friends and family will swoon.

Furthermore, the Lovebox app sends you a notification when the recipient has read your message, which is perfect if you don’t want to send more than one message at a time. Let us see the cons before we go to the love shop box reviews. 


We have discovered only two cons: the price and the not-as-exciting experience of having only one box.

  • As mentioned, the Lovebox makes a great gift (and it’s the perfect $100 gift to give on Valentine’s Day and an anniversary, precisely). But, we don’t think you would have the whole experience if you didn’t have two Love boxes for both you and your loved one. 
  • You’d have to spend $200 in total, without tax and shipping, to feel all the love the Lovebox has to offer.

Except for this, there are no more cons.

Is this product legit?

Though there is no social media presence, the rating from the customers is 87%, which may convey that the product is a legal one.

In addition to that, they sell offline in stores too. This strongly concludes that, they are selling the product in real.

What are love shop box reviews?


On our extensive research, we have found a few customer reviews over the web. We are mentioning a few here for your better understanding.

Vicky says, “This sounded so strange when I heard. But I thought to try it once. To my surprise, it worked well, and my girlfriend is happy with this.”

Rina from the United States says, “I gifted this to my boyfriend, and he felt so happy for this. The price seemed a bit high, but I received it in working condition. Till now, there is no problem.”


Likewise, reviews reveal that customers are satisfied with their service and the product.


We have seen love shop box reviews in this article, and they reveal that the product comes in working condition, and customers didn’t face any issue with that after using it. But if you want to buy, please take safety concerns and then proceed.

Have you brought this love box home? If so, feel free to tell us your experience in the comment section. 

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