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Is legit? This article is about trading, and people are getting crazy about searching for writing schemes to trade. There are so many fraudulent websites that take your money and cons you. In this article, we will give some highlights of the website. Read further

Trading is standard in whole, but most people amongst the United States residence. Trading on the writing portal and with the proper techniques can make you win lots of money. Similarly, if you invest your money in the wrong doorway, that means you lost the money. Let us give an unbiased review of the and clear your views About it.

 What is the


 The is a trading app in which the game accessories and services are available for trading. The website not only allows people to buy in-store accessories but also allows them to sell and trade.

They deal with games accessories like cosmetics, weapons, costumes, etc. The is the most trustable website for buying and selling your items. Is legit?


Unlike other trading websites, this trading site has a good history and is the ultimate one-stop-shop for buying and selling your tf2 items.


  • Address – unknown
  • Contact – unknown
  • Email – unknown
  • Website –
  • Domain age – unknown
  • Owner – unknown


  • Users claim that the portal is old
  • SSL encryption verified
  • Positive customer feedback


  • No relevant contact details were provided
  • No owner’s name mentioned
  • The prices are high

Is legit?

The answer to your question is no, as per our research were till now finding this website to be suspicious has sponsored tournaments before. Other points are:

  • It is SSL verified and has good user feedback on other domains.
  • The trust score of the is 53% which makes it a bit suspicious.
  • The owner’s identity is not revealed.
  • The customers’ service is not available.
  • The address is not mentioned.
  • The domain’s age is not mentioned.

This particularly states that it is not trustworthy. Now let’s find out the customer’s reviews about this portal.

Customer’s reviews?

Is legit? People often ask this question. But we have found great reviews for this portal. That means many people have used it and are recommending it to other different people. They claim that even after no contact details are present, the site is safe to use. Most reviews are done by the people of United States.



Through this article, we conclude that you can use it at your risk. Is legit? We are suspicious about this domain, and the trust score is also not good. The reviews are only available to judge it. Otherwise, we cannot find any relevant information about this website.

Reviews are satisfactory, but we doubt that they can be used to con people and gain their trust. So, you must do more research before buying and selling.

Trust score53
SSL verificationyes
Social media presenceNo
Customer reviewsyes

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