Email Scam- 200+ Customer Feedback 2023


Have you also been a victim of phishing emails and messages like many others online? We will provide you the information regarding the Email scam so that each user can learn the lesson and be vigilant of such scammers after that.

With the significant shift towards online presence in the last few years, there has been an increment of online scams. Many users in the United States who have been the victim of such email have resorted to online platforms and social media handles to reports them and spread awareness, among others. Many platforms have taken collective action to educate people on differentiating between valid emails and scams such as these.

What is Mediacom?

Mediacom is an online video streaming portal. The website includes the latest news, entertaining movies & television shows, sports, videos, and personalized content as per the web searches and history. They have information on the latest movies and television shows streaming on the platform. 


Users can read the latest social, geopolitical, and scientific news on their websites. They have the latest information regarding health benefits. They provide cable connections to the television and have local offices to provide services in the United States.

What are the email scam and messages people received?

· An unsolicited email message regarding “job pay” was sent from and claimed that the recipients could earn extra money by just participating in some online activity. 

· The messages are supposedly sent by cybercriminals or online scammers to deceive the customers into transferring their personal information. Some of the vigilant recipients were careful not to respond to such claims, but a few learned the lesson the hard way around.


· As per the reports from the users, the scammers sent the victims fraudulent cheques on completion of tasks they assigned. Once the victims try to deposit the amount, the checks bounce, and the victim will be responsible for paying the cost of processing the check.

One of the users reported an email that appeared to be sent from Mediacom billing, and the contents of the email stated that there was an issue with the payment method used by the customer. They were required to fill in the personal banking information in the link provided in email itself. The email in question here was sent from the address

The user instantly saw through the email as a fraudulent message and reported it to the sheriff’s office for the matter to be dealt with seriousness.


After reporting several such incidences in the United States itself, various Social media platforms guide people on distinguishing a dishonest email from others. If any such scam or message comes to your notice, it is advised to report the fraud to track the dishonest people and miscreants. Even though monitoring a scam message is much more complex than an email, strict actions are being taken against these activities.

Cybersecurity knowledge should spread as quickly as possible. The more people discuss cybersecurity and online privacy, the better they will increase awareness and get a better understanding of it.

What are user reviews?

The users who have been victims of online phishing blame government institutions for selling their personal information to the highest bidder. Still, in reality, it is the lack of awareness and liability on the users themselves. They are naive to providing their data as soon as there are freebies or premia involved and get scammed for their ignorance. 


Many alert and careful users have distinguished these fraudulent Email scam and saved themselves from getting involved in any unpopular circumstances. These users have been actively spreading information to make others aware of such scenarios and prevent any unpropitious incidences in the future.

Is the company legit?

We tracked down the website and researched our part. Our user experience on the website was not good. We had trouble loading any information from the website. None of the web pages which included information regarding local stores and customer support were accessible. This made us skeptical about their legitimacy. After Email scam, we checked the trust score for the site, and even though the site has been labeled as safe to use, there was no detailed analysis regarding the same due to the lack of open user acknowledgment about the site.


Unfortunately, such scam emails have been reported. The continuous active response to customer grievances against these scams on social platforms is a positive step towards hold the scammers culpable. Despite so many campaigns being conducted to make people conscious of cyber hoaxes and cons, many customers have fallen victim to such trickeries. It is always prudent to be very cautious while providing your bank and personal details. Reporting such frauds and spreading awareness on social media is crucial to help others.

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