Mint Mobile Review


Want to know the facts about the mint mobile review? Network providers companies are increasing their business with great plans. 

Mint mobile is a prominent and rising name among all network provider websites. Nowadays, people are always looking for the best. The search mission is based on different parameters like their monthly packages, price tags, included services, and other things. You find the information about them, and then you decide which is worthy of money.

As the industry is growing, there are various companies available. We mainly focus on mint mobile, which attracts people more than others. To ease your decision-making, 

What is mint mobile?

In simple words, mint mobile is a well-known company that offers different services related to the phone. They are a prepaid connection provider. 

We can mark this company as a mobile network operator who works virtually or MVNO. This company offers various additional benefits on their services.


Another uncommon fact about this website provides a map facility that helps you set your location more quickly. Their different plans and additional rewards and benefits are attractive and worthy, and we will discuss them briefly in our following segments. 

Our main focusing point is mint mobile review.

What are the different plans mint mobile offers?

They offer various plans at your convenience. You can pay for these plans every three months, six months, 12 months. Select your plans and accordingly pay the charges. 

In our opinion, the six-month and 12-month charge plan is more beneficial and cheaper than three months.

Now, there are three different packages available for three different data plans. There are 4GB options with unlimited text and call.

  • The 4GB of data with unlimited call and text costs $15. 
  • The 6GB data with the unlimited facility over call and text is $65
  • The 10GB data without the pack og ultimate call and text is⁰ available at $80.

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What is mint mobile international roaming? 

Yes, international roaming is available on mint mobile. We will add each detail about international roaming in this article on mint mobile review. The international roaming plan is available with some extra charges.

 The plan is named uproam. You need to add credit money to initiate the service. We will share the way how you start the uproam service below,

  • Firstly go to the website or mobile application.
  • Now you need to search for uproam.
  • Now, click on the portal.
  • Then, click on add credit which starts with $5. There are even higher credits available which are $10 and $20.
  • After adding the credit, the uproam features will be immediately applicable to your plan.
  • These credit scores are not expired. The credit will transfer automatically on your next month’s bill recycle.

Who is mint mobile Ryan Reynolds?

We are discussing mint mobile review and not talking about Ray Reynold, and it is kind of impossible. He is majorly a Canadian actor who starts investing a lot of money in technology-related companies.

According to our sources, he is a man who holds the maximum stakes of this company. The hype started in 2016 when many investment companies offered new benefits and services to those who own a business or have shared on the business. 

In that time, Ryan Reynolds also tried his hand in a technology company which turned out to be a complete disaster. After a year, he came with 5G network service provider company, mint mobile, offering services widely at an affordable price.


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What is the mint mobile net worth?

In the middle of this year, a rumor was raised which said the net amount of mint mobile is nearly $600 to $800. And Ryan Reynolds is looking for someone who buys the company. Actually, after our research, we also found the same thing. 

The maximum stakeholders want to sell their share to others. This year, Ryan Reynolds is all over for his films and production. But apart from that, the net worth is also a factor that brings him on the news.

Mint mobile review

According to our research, we can mark this company legit without any second thought. 

  • This company has been running the business for many years.
  • They have an extensive customer base. Which you can quickly find if you go through their social media accounts.
  • The net worth is crystal clear evidence of their legitimacy. No fake company can’t achieve that much.
  • We mark this company legit with an 80% trust score.

What is the customer’s opinion on mint mobile?

Now is the time for the most buzzed section. For any story, the customer reaction is significant for mint mobile review. We found only positive responses.


Jolly said,

“The network service of this company is amazing, and the pricing system is remarkable.”

Ray said, 

“Their network capacity is strong and palpable. Their service never makes me disappointed in my work or emergencies.”


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 80% 
Social media presence Yes  
Customer opinion Yes   

In the enclosure of mint mobile review, we can say this is a legit company, and if you are looking for a reliable network company, you can go for it. You can win rewards and benefits from it.

Hopefully, everything is clear till now. If you want to share anything with us, leave your story of experience in the comment section.

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