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Is legit? It’s one of the trending topics these days, and customers are willing to know more about it, as they play a mediator between bank and client to get you the lowest interest rates.

To know the nature of the website, it is necessary to understand its purpose. Therefore, all the essential information has been explored here to offer our readers a better understanding of the same.



This platform primarily works as a connection between the user and his credit card company to help negotiate and lessen the rate of interest that a user is charged in a month. Their main aim is to remove the stress of high payments and make it financially more accessible for the users.

The site claims to have a group of experts who will work with the user to help get him the best of the available deals. It can be termed as a debt collector service as well. Those whose collections have been cleared can visit the official website or give them a call to notify them regarding the same. After the payment, one can enjoy its services uninterruptedly. But the question of is is legit or not still lurks. 


  • Owned by FCR Collection Services 
  • Purpose: To wave off high-interest rates and facilitate payments
  • Nature: Mediator between client and credit card company
  • Contact details: 800-979-8917
  • Fax: 949.440.4688
  • Address: FCR Collection Services, PO Box 18978, Irvine, CA 92623
  • Email:
  • For information:
  • Working Hours: 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.
  • Social media handles: Unavailable
  • Customer service is only available in the Spanish language.
  • Customers can find debt collection terms in different languages ok this site.
  • Users can drop their queries by visiting the “contact us” section.


  • Per the site’s claims, it can save users a lot of money.
  • It does not store any credit card information entered into the website.
  • For more details, customers can contact about payment plans.
  • can take the stress of high-interest rates and enable clients to use their whole income fully.
  • They offer a group of efficient individuals to work off the interest rate.
  • They sell information, but users can opt-out of it whenever they wish. 


  • They share personal information while selling. 
  • The lack of customer reviews and contact details raises questions about the site’s authenticity.
  • Users will not be eager to take chances with a website, especially concerning money.
  • The website’s structure appears amateur, which might not make legit for some. 

What are the customers stating about the platform?


During our research, we found mixed reviews; although there is only limited feedback available, few mentioned that it’s a good platform. But on Reddit, one user stated that they received a call, and that person mentioned that “this call is for debt recovery; they can pay the amount by visiting the website” 

Customer reviews are essential as they work as proof of the efficiency of a website and also help attract more users. There are specific third-party sources that have termed it as fake, and there are even some user reviews available on these sources that have also tagged it to be harmful. 

However, to answer the question, Is legit? There must be more than this information, as third-party websites cannot be trusted. 

Is legit?


Based on what we have observed and experienced, this site is legitimate. Although some users might like to stay away from it, mainly because it concerns money matters, there appears to be no harm in trying it out. 

They do not use the user’s contact information or private details. However, as per their “notice at collection,” they share or sell information, but users can stop it anytime. 


However, the platform does offer a series of FAQs to help its users. It has also provided all the necessary contact information that users can use in case they need help with the processes. They even help with creating the perfect payment plans. 


As mentioned above, works as a connection between the client and his credit card company. Their main motive is to lessen the monthly payments and rate of interest. However, given the circumstances and the website’s functioning, it is legit but should be opted for after a thorough assessment. 

We hope our review has helped you. If so, please drop your comments in comments below. 

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