In this article, you will learn about the site and the news provided by it. News reports keep us updated and give us an idea about the situations around the world. It helps you learn something new and makes you feel connected, and can enhance your creativity.

The website has been active for a very long time now, with its headquarters in the United States. It strives to provide you the real news from around the globe. This article will help you in knowing more about the website and its legitimacy.

What is Penn live?

As mentioned above, is a far-reaching, broad website that provides you the news worldwide and information about Central Pennsylvania, which was discovered in 1947. 


It is freely accessible to anyone who surfs the internet. It is owned by Advanced Publication and scored a rank in the top 100 daily newspapers in 2005. It features information about different sectors like sports, traveling, business, health, weather etc., which many famous magazines publish. 

Many famous and well-known authors such as Deb Kiner, Sean Adams, George Wiegel, and a lot more have written for Penn Live.

Detailed information-

  • Sports news- information regarding sports like badminton, cricket, football, basketball and other competition can be found here. 
  • Weather changes- news related to weather or appropriate weather report can be read here.
  • Health news- health is an essential criterion for humans to live long. You can find various news related to health issues here.
  • Entertainment news- you can update your knowledge of Bollywood, Hollywood movies and other entertainment stuff by the news featured on the site about the same.
  • Payment methods- you don’t have to pay for anything. The content is available for everyone.


  • URL-
  • Headquarters- 1900 Patriot Drive Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Country- United States
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 717 255 8150
  • President- Cate Barron
  • Editor- Burke Noel
  • Sports editor- Greg Pickel
  • Opinion editor- Joyce Davis 

Pros of Penn Live

  • HTTPS protocol of the site is detected.
  • The SSL certificate of the site is valid.
  • The website has gained a lot of positive responses.
  • The content is freely accessible to all.
  • It has gained high community feedback.

Cons of Penn Live

  • Some content on the page may be slow to load.
  • Some issues may arise while using the Penn Live app if it’s outdated.

Is legit?

The website has a trust rating score of 3.1 out of 5, with thousands of positive responses. It can be said that the site is legal. Many people recommend Penn Live as it grants you information about various sectors of society within one place. 


It has been active since the 1950s and is expanding its focus. The information provided is authentic and inspected thoroughly by the members of Penn Live.  

Many big magazines and newspapers have published the news reports provided by it. You can socially connect with the site by following it on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Customer Reviews

The site has gained thousands of customers reviews claiming that the site is satisfactory and worthy of user’s trust. The site provides you news from around the globe and makes you feel connected to others. 


News about different sectors and fields, including job opportunities and news regarding food and dining, are provided on a single platform that saves your time searching each and news separately. 

Some negative reviews ask Penn Live to improve some features in the app, but many of them are expressed that the site is beneficial. A seven-day newspaper is also printed featuring other news collected by the site. 

You can keep yourself updated through Penn Live’s social media accounts as well. Conclusion


From the details mentioned above, it is clear that is legit and is safe and secure. It has a good trust score and even publishes a newspaper. 

Thus, it is not a scam and can be trusted. You get information about life and culture, job opportunities as well. Penn Live has also received so many good responses from the customers. 

The site is entirely secure and trustworthy. You can access the site without any doubt. You can also share your views in the comment section.

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