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In this informative post, we will be discussing the game Pokemon go.com and its features. We all are familiar with Pokemon cartoons, and if you are a fan of the cartoon, this is the perfect game for you. 

The platform is prominent in the United States and is developed by the collaboration of three big names Nintendo, Niantic and the popular pokemon company. The game is mostly played on mobile devices and is available for free on all devices.

What is Pokemon go.com?


The gaming platform was one of the major platforms to promote augmented reality. The platform uses devices GPS to find the location of Pokemon, and you have to go outdoor places nearby and catch these Pokemon. The current number of Pokemon in the game is about 600. You have to catch these Pokemon; you can also hatch eggs to get more Pokemon or even exchange them for another with other users. The game also has many assets that can be bought by in-app purchases that give you a better gaming experience.

The motive of the platform is to collect pokemon and then train them for a battle to win gyms and make them better. The game promotes physical movement and activities because the trainer has to go outside and find the Pokemon. 

Around 2016 the platform was one of the most well-received games, and players liked the idea of the game. The game also promoted local business because of player’s visits, but sometimes the platform was also criticized for causing more traffic and accidents. In 2020 due to lockdown and pandemic, the platform had to face a setback, but it did not affect the true fans of the game.

Steps to start the game?⤇

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection on the device you are using to play Pokemon go.com.
  • You can download the game for free using the play store for android devices and the apple store for iOS devices.
  • After downloading the game app, you have to create your account on the platform, and you’ll be given an Avatar.
  • After creating your account, the game provides you with a few pokemon to your first Pokemon.
  • After that, the platform will give you pokestops that you can visit to collect more Pokemon and other items. These can also be purchased as in-game purchases, or you can use coins earned by playing the game.
  • You can reach the pokestop by following a blue indicator on your map; after you have reached the location, you will see the items present on your device.
  • Tap to collect the items.
  • After reaching a certain level on the gaming platform, you can also battle your Pokemon in the gyms.
  • If you win the battle, the gym becomes yours, and you can benefit from it.

Is the gaming platform legit?


The game has a user base of millions and is prominent in the United States for its astonishing platform. There is no doubt about the legitimacy of the game. If you are thinking about playing the game, we would suggest you go for it. 

You can make in-app purchases also using your money as there is no doubt about their legitimacy. The brand Pokemon company is enough to satisfy customers of the game’s legitimacy. 

Let’s see what the users has to say about Pokemon go.com.

Review by the users?


The game is based on augmented reality; hence the players need to leave the comforts of their homes to play the game. But some parents don’t want their children to go out alone as it can be dangerous for kids to go out independently. 

Some players complained that the pokestops were too far from their home and had no Pokémon in their neighborhood as it was declared ‘no fun zone.’ The game is all about outdoor sports, but this might not be the perfect game for you if you are a person with a tight schedule. 

But if you want to spend time with your children, this might be the game for you as you can take them out to parks and other pokestops and encourage them for outdoor sports and meet new people.


The game is constantly updating, so it can create some privacy concerns too. You can easily cheat in the game by changing your device’s location, which is not fair for other users. Some users complained that the game is partly because no matter your skills, the game decides most tasks like throwing balls, catching Pokemon, sometimes even winning battles.


If you are looking for an outdoor fun game or want to go out and see new landmarks in your city, then Pokemon go.com is the best game for you. Despite some negative reviews, the game is very well organized and satisfactory for users. 

We suggest you play the game yourself and share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from our readers.

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