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Pricelulu reviews?Updated feedback from the customers and their experiences.

The love for electronics and other things is constantly growing, and this is the main reason why everyone is looking for a cheaper and convenient way to buy electronic devices. To satisfy this need of buyers, hundreds of companies are coming up with new ideas and offers. But the central riddle is to find who are scams and who are legit.



This is a United Kingdom-based company. In this truth spotting area, we assist you in finding out the absolute truth behind the name. We serve you all. Important clues mean info about the company, pros, cons, specifications, and everything which help you to identify this company. Be with us till the end to solve the mystery.

What is pricelulu?

Pricelulu is a gadgets-centric website that offers electronic gadgets and technology-friendly things on its online portal with a handful of deals and discounts. 

Apart from the pricelulu reviews, there are many things to look after. We created a detailed list of the available portal on their website, which are,

  • Mobiles.
  • Camera.
  • Home electronics.
  • Living essential gadgets.
  • PC.
  • PS5.
  • Tablet.
  • Electronic accessories.
  • Entertainment-related products.
  • A unique portal for gifts for women.
  • A unique portal for a gift for a man.



  • Category: Gadget selling online website.
  • Industry: Electronics industry.
  • Contact address: suite 11a 7 bell yard London wx2a 2jr UK.
  • Contact number: 44 7597 051 878.
  • Email address: support(at)pricelulu(dot)co(dot)uk
  • Payment mode: Online.
  • Payment options: You can pay online through credit card, debit card, PayPal, American Express, etc.


  • The return and refund policies are mentioned clearly on this website.
  • All contact details are available on this platform.
  • They offer various deals and discounts on their products.
  • No legit contact details are available. 


  • They didn’t provide any damage warranty if the customer broke the product.

What is the attractive feature of this company?

  • They offer almost all renowned and reliable phones, cameras, and PCs on their website.
  • On some specific and special occasions, they offer fantastic discounts.
  • On your first buy, they give you an additional 20% off.
  • They allow you to pay according to your convenience.

Is pricelulu legit? 

According to our analytical studies, this website is wholly suspicious. We found several drawbacks to this website. We present some of them here to help you better understand pricelulu reviews.

  • We found no suspicious activities on this platform.
  • The entire website is designed reasonably. 
  • The name of the company owner is available on this platform.
  • Several good customer reviews are available on this platform. 
  • The website has been running its business for eight years.
  • We mark it as a simple website with a 73% trust score.

What is the customer’s opinion on pricelulu reviews?

Meanwhile, as we mentioned earlier, several good reviews are available about this platform. 


Emily said, 

‘’This website is full of variations of different electronic products and sells accurate products from different brands.’’

Michal said, 


‘’If you are looking for a one-stop destination for your gadget requirements, this website is a solution for your problem.’’


Social Media PresenceYes 
Customer reviewsYes 
SSL certificateYes  

In the final analysis, we got all sufficient data related to it. That’s why we mark it as genuine. Please drop your comment and experiences in the comment section.


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