Elevate Your Game: Pro Tips for Climbing Ranks in Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter game released in October 2022 as a sequel to the original 2016 title. With a PvP combat format, Overwatch 2 involves two teams of five players and each player selects one hero from a roster of 35 characters. Players cooperate with teammates to defeat opponents in various game maps and modes. Overwatch 2 requires optimizing sensitivity, mastering game mechanics, and setting priority targets in addition to good practice, teamwork, and understanding of character roles, maps, and modes. Continue reading for some pro tips to improve your gameplay and ranking!

Practice and Analyze Gameplay

Review your previous match and specific situations where you screw up. Analyzing your gameplay allows you to navigate better next time by avoiding your past mistakes. You can utilize a gaming recorder to automatically capture and share your gameplay with teammates or a gaming coach. Professional gamers employ this technique to spot mistakes and missed opportunities for improved performance. 


If you have no idea where to start as you’re watching the recorded match, the first thing to review is every time you die in the game. Take a closer look at the moments leading to your death and try to identify what makes you fail. Questions to ask yourself might be “Did I have a bad position,” “Was I out of resources” or “Did I underestimate the enemy’s threat.” Breaking down such issues and learning from your mistakes help you gain better results in the future. 

Adjust Mouse Sensitivity

Set your sensitivity to a comfortable level. You can easily access the Options menu, then select the Controls tab in the top left corner of your screen to adjust the sensitivity of your character. Moreover, you’ll be able to customize the sensitivity for individual heroes and try them out to see how it feels.

Figure Out Priority Targets


Having priority targets is crucial to winning a battle. The purpose of target prioritization is to make as many efficient kills as possible. To determine your priority targets, you’ll first need to understand all the roles and heroes. Generally, you should aim for the one that requires less time to kill, specifically the support hero, and reduce the enemy team’s collective health pool.

The following targets should be those with low health and cooldowns. These are easy kills for your team. More particularly, focusing on heroes with defensive cooldowns while they’re unable to use them allows you to eliminate them more efficiently. In addition, other priority targets may include players with bad/exposed positioning or those making a great impact in the battle.

Understand Roles and Heroes


For new players, one of the essential steps is to understand all the roles and heroes in Overwatch 2. The heroes are divided into three classes called damage, support, and tank, based on their unique set of ranges, abilities, and ultimates. Each team consists of two DPSs, two supports, and a tank, making a 5v5 team lineup.

Master Game Mechanics

Another pro tip to improve your gameplay and ranking is mastering the game mechanics of Overwatch 2. One thing to keep in mind is that you aren’t restricted to any single character. Indeed, you can switch to any heroes in the same class during a game for an optimal team composition against the enemy. Take advantage of this feature to swap characters occasionally and work hand-in-hand with teammates.

Map Awareness and Positioning


During a fast-paced battle, you have to constantly think about which position to take. Depending on the hero class, choose a position that makes the most advantage to your team. For example, if you’re a tank, try to move as far forward as possible for extensive map control. Meanwhile, find a position that benefits your shooting range or mobility as a DPS or support player.

More importantly, you need to pay close attention to your positioning when mobility isn’t one of your skills. The reason is you’re more vulnerable to damage for not changing your position fast enough. Therefore, stay aware of your positioning on the map to maneuver effectively or find the best spot with natural cover for survival.

Communication and Teamwork

A common mistake for beginners is playing like a lone wolf in team combat. Thus, maintain good communication with your teammates in Overwatch 2 about positioning, priority targets, and other relevant aspects. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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