Proper Funding Legit? Check What User Says [2023]


Is Proper Funding legit? Are you looking for loans with low-interest rates? If yes, then this website is the right place for you. But what are its pros and cons? Should you prefer this platform? Let’s check it out.

 We know how important it is for you to find loans at a low-interest rate and one where you would not have to pay as often. Proper funding offers it all. However, analyzing each characteristic can solve your dilemma of going for it.

What is Proper Funding? 

This website primarily gives people opting for a loan the authority and control of their payments and not be liable to pay as per the demands of the creditors. We know it sounds too surreal but and has made you a question, “Is Proper Funding legit?” 


Per the website’s claims, people struggling with a high-interest rate, frequent payments, and nagging creditors can shed all their worries by choosing this platform. Now they can choose a loan which they have to

  • pay a lower rate of interest
  • pay 50% less than what they used to pay 
  • need not pay the minimum balance
  • They also can skip the frequent calls from creditors.

How to apply for a loan?

The given steps can help a user navigate through the process and apply it smoothly:

  • Visit the website
  • On the homepage, you can find the apply option. Click on it 
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you must enter all the details, such as name, phone number, credit card debt, and more.
  • Submit it.
  • You’ll then be connected to a counselor who will assist you further.


The specifications of the website given below can help you find the answers to the question “Is Proper Funding legit” yourself: 

  • Contact: 888-859-9647
  • Email: Not available on the website 
  • Number: 888-859-9647
  • Address: PO Box 141, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
  • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn 
  • Type of website: Offers loans to customers 
  • Method: Users have to fill out a form and enter all the details asked therein. 
  • Appoints counselors who analyze the customer’s situation and guide them through their process.



Given the nature of the website, many advantages need to be highlighted:

  • Takes the stress off of the high rate of interest rate payments.
  • No need to pay a minimum balance to secure a loan. 
  • It offers the appropriate loan after thoroughly analyzing the user’s financial situation. 
  • You can ask appointed counselors for help and guidance.
  • It is a customer-centric website.
  • Does not impact the credit score in any way.
  • It takes only one hour to connect with a counselor.


There are a few drawbacks of the website that have been given in this section:

  • Customers need help finding it secure to share their information with a website and prefer a bank.
  • The deals sound too good to be true.

Users might feel it risky to share information about their credit debt.  

Is Proper Funding legit?


A complete analysis of all the information collected and our experience with the website gives an impression that this website is legit. Customer reviews and feedback are also available to support our conclusion.

However, in money-related matters, people might find it unsafe to opt for. It is essential to remember that this website is a loan provider and does not demand a minimum payment to grant loans.  

What are the client reviews?

Even though the points mentioned above must have given readers a general idea and an answer to the question, “is proper funding legit?”, It is essential to analyze the customer feedback to gain complete confidence in the website.


Per the testimonials available on the website, a user commented that he was able to lay off his study loans and credit card debt with the help of adequate funding after losing his job. Another user commented that they had spent a lot of money on their wedding and made all the expenses with their credit card, which backfired. 

They could not lay it off, and proper funding helped them pay off the loans quickly. Another user from Tucson wrote that after graduating, he faced issues paying off his student loans as the interest kept increasing. He got a sense of relief after he opted for proper funding. 

One user from Fresno has praised proper funding and mentioned that even though they weren’t sure that they would qualify for a loan, it was with the help of adequate funding that they could make things right and set their record back on track. 


All the facts in this article must have cleared your doubts and answered your question, “is proper funding legit?”. It is a website that offers loans suitable for the customer and takes a lot of pressure off them. We hope this review was helpful. Please drop your comments in the comments section below. 

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