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Are you looking for a detailed review on the Proud boys website? You have reached the correct destination. In this article, we will discuss its legitimacy, review, specifications, and many more aspects.

Many people of the United States are wondering, what are proud boys? Read further to get all the details.

What is the Proud boys website?


Confluence Network is hosting the website. Its server got located in Dallas, TX, the United States. It publishes articles on several topics. All you need is to search from the designated box. Some points about the website:

  • It got launched on February 19, 2005, and its expiry is registered for February 19, 2022, unless they get an extension.
  • The name of the website is very catchy and engaging.
  • Using it is very simple. You can search for your particular keywords and get the article instantly.
  • There is no contact information mentioned.
  • No about us page is present.
  • You may see a privacy policy page. Please, read it to find out how they use your personal information.

How to use proud

Follow these steps mentioned below:

  • The website works on any device. Make sure it has an active internet connection.
  • Now open the browser.
  • Type in the designated box and press search.
  • Give it some time to load.
  • You will see a new page with some pre-existing article options and a search bar.
  • There is no information given regarding the owner, contact, and about us page.
  • The privacy policy is present so, you may go through it before affiliating with the website.
  • Go to the home page and search your keyword or topic on the search bar of the platform.
  • Press the search icon.
  • You get redirected to a new page with all the information you need.

Is this a legit website?


We found limited information on open sources, which did not provide any authentic proof of their legitimacy. The website lacks many necessary aspects which can increase its credibility. We looked into its privacy policy and found some sketchy guidelines.

It said that they share your personal information with third parties like their commercial partners. We followed the above steps to look for some articles. But, most of the time, there were no results. It redirected back to the homepage stating no information present.


So, we are not confident about their authenticity and suggest our readers do some research before investing their time in it.

What are the Reviews by users?

The website has no reviews section, neither available on any social media platforms. The last resort to find any customer feedback was through open sources. But we found no response on any platform. The proud boys website is old and should have trusted users to prove their credibility but, they have failed to gather any clout.



Proud boys website is an entertainment platform that presents articles on various topics. But there is no proof of their credibility and, it has many red flags which make us doubt their legitimacy. We will recommend our readers do a lot of checks before affiliating with them.

Social mediaNo
Trust scoreNot specified
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

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