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Quotes Claude Cahun? Art is the best way to express your emotions beautifully. Many celebrities and talented artists have made an impact on the world through their work. One such person is Claude Cahun.


If you are from the United States, you shall see some paintings from her collections in New York City. She believed in the uniqueness of every individual and worked to reduce the gender gap in society. Read further to know more about her.

Who is Claude Cahun?

  • She was born on October 25, 2021, and Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob changed her name to Claude Cahun in 1914, after her mother’s death. She was born on October 25, 2021. 
  • She always faced identity crises and faced many issues because of her marriage with Marcel Moore. 
  • Her personality was a mix of both masculine and feminine characters. Quotes Claude Cahun that she prides herself in being in unique
  • She was a small artist in France but, her work was unique and inspiring. Her talents included photography, writing, self-portrait making, and sculpting beautiful structures. 
  • She constructed many political as well as personal art that was only for herself. She never aimed at becoming famous but, her work got recognized after forty years of her death in December 1954. 
  • She became a propagandist and resistance worker during World War2.

What is the specialty of her work?

  • Cahun’s work incorporated surrealism, which was impressive and gathered much attention from the audience. Her best artworks are composed of self-portraits, writing, theatrical drama, and photography. Her collection had multiple paintings of vampires, aviators, dolls, angels, bodybuilders, Japanese puppets, and dandy. 
  • She always tried to portray faces in a way that blurred the gender determining features. Her work had a deep meaning while presenting any gender, which got identified by Miranda Welby. 
  • One of her writings has the title ‘Heroine.’ It is a collection of monologues depicting a fairy tale princess who makes clever remarks on the primitive image of Females and how they get perceived by society. Another book Aveux non-avenues has some articles and essays. 
  • She participated in several surrealistic exhibitions and put up her excellent self-portrait on display. The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London held an event in 1994 for her work.
  • Many people think that she has not received the kind of recognition that she deserves. She used to collaborate with her spouse during experimenting with something new on gender presentation.

Some quotes and paintings by Claude Cahun?

‘I will never be finished removing all these faces’ quotes Claude Cahun. This statement was used by many and became famous as ‘under this mask, another mask.’ Her writing depicts the deep thoughts that get faced by many human beings during an identity crisis.


Most of the photographs and paintings are self-portraits. Many museums and other institutes have put them on display. Some have even organized exhibitions for professional as well as personal items. It is in Aveur and non-Aveur for publishing. One of the famous photographs is ‘What do you want from me.’

What was her impact on the world and, what quotes Claude Cahun?


Claudes life and her art were full of challenges and, she depicted each notion beautifully in her work. Her main focus was to change the public image of gender and perception of beauty. Her photography skills unsettled the audience and forced them to think deeply. She wrote poems that challenged people to expand their social boundaries. 

She participated in the Surreal group at the time of World war. Her talents brought an edge and new ideas in that period. She possessed a chameleonic or unspecified gender figure that intrigued many artists. A street in Paris got named after her. After she died in 2002, all her writings were published together and, François Leperlier edited them.



Quotes Claude Cahun? She might not be a worldwide famous artist. But her work is greatly appreciated by critics in the United States. She worked for the development of community and to change the primitive thinking of society. 

Several documentaries, books, and dramas got launched in 2018. It represents her personal and professional life struggles. Please share your experience with us.

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