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The Rbxd.me, a Robux-generating website that rewards you after you complete your tasks. These sites help you get different items you can use while playing with friends. You need to complete the tasks allotted to you.

In this article, we will see the services the site offers users and the steps involved in getting the Robux. We will also analyze the pros and cons towards the end of this article, along with the legitimacy, and see whether it is safe to use. The user reviews shall also be seen, so let us begin. 

What is Rbxd.me?


Among the various websites, this is one such website that will help you to get the rewards that the gamers can use in the game and can even do virtual shopping without needing to spend real money. All you need to do is enter your details and complete the activities allotted to you.

You can use the rewards for improvising their gaming qualities apart from buying items for your characters. The main website for earning the Robux, which is Roblox, is also one of the ways through which you can get the rewards. You can use this site to get rewards. Let us look at the procedure for the same.

How do you get Robux?


Let us now see how to use Rbxd.me to get the rewards – 

  • Ensure that your device or desktop has a stable net connection to avoid unnecessary interferences in between.
  • Open the browser and go to their website.
  • You will find an option that says, “Start Earning.”
  • Click on the above option, and then you will be asked to enter your username.
  • The site will then verify your details, and after that, the site will show the tasks.

The gamers must then complete the activities, after which the rewards will be sent to their respective usernames.


  • Contact Details – The contact number is not given on their website.
  • Email ID – if the users want to resolve their queries, they can mail them at rbxd.me@gmail.com. 
  • Social Media – you can find them on social media platforms like Discord, Instagram, etc.
  • Terms of Service – on 8th July 2023, the terms of service were last updated, and it mentions all details regarding their reward system, the age limit, etc.
  • Privacy Policy – there is no mention of privacy policy on the website.
  • Waiting Period – their site mentions that it will take 1-2 weeks to send the rewards to the gamers.
  • Promo Codes – on certain occasions, the site releases the codes.
  • Referral Program – gamers can avail up to 5% if they refer it to friends. 


  • By using Rbxd.me, you can get the rewards just by completing activities.
  • The tasks on the site are simple, like downloading apps, watching videos, completing surveys, etc.
  • The email address is mentioned on their website.
  • To make it easy for the gamers, the site also has a discord channel, which interested gamers can join.
  • Clear instructions are also given on the site for the user’s perusal.


  • The contact number is not mentioned on their site.
  • The privacy policy governing the site is not given.
  • An age restriction is imposed on the users, as people below 13 years are prohibited from using the site.
  • The rewards take at least a week to be sent to the gamers.

What are the user reviews?

Before they use the website for the first time, most users prefer checking the feedback given by other users as it helps them understand the site and the services offered. 


We searched for the site reviews with a similar intention, but to the user’s dismay, there weren’t any reviews about the site. However, the readers are requested to come back, as we will update the article if we find any reviews.

Is Rbxd.me legit?

Let us now see if the site is safe to use or not. According to our research, details like the terms of use, email address, etc., are given on the website. There is no mention of the contact number, privacy policy, etc.


The site has a discord channel, and on Instagram, they have less number of followers, and there aren’t any reviews available anywhere about the site. Thus, the site may or may not be legit.


In this article, we saw the steps involved to get the rewards and whether they are on any social media platform. The reviews about the site and whether they give rewards to the users are unknown. 

Hence, the site may or may not be legit. We hope you found this article insightful; please don’t forget to rate us. 

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