Are you looking for Realdebrid/device? If yes, then you are in the right direction. Here you can able to check about realdebrid and its uses in detail.

In this pandemic, people prefer to use streaming services worldwide like the United States, Canada, India, New Zealand, and all over the country in their leisure time rather than going outside. So a fast and reliable downloader is demanded everywhere.

 Realdibrid is such a device that will help you to resolve your problem. Let’s check out in detail.

What is realdebrid?


Do you live stream devices? If yes, then realdebrid is absolutely for you. Realdibrid will help you to download the videos and content.

Nowadays, users want high speed while streaming any movies, games, serials, or anything else online. In that case, this will help you out. 

These services have become popular across the countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. It gained huge love from the Kodi users.

In brief, we can say that it is a multi-hoster service that helps you download videos at high speed by giving you excellent quality.


It gives you premium content as well. It helps you to resolve your buffering issue where you can have better streaming services.

The process to sign up on realdebrid:                 

Open your browser and go to the official website

  • Click on the signup button.
  • When you clicked on the signup option, it will ask you to enter your personal information, and you can have the option to set your desired username and password.
  • You will get the pop-up that the registration is completed.


  • Website URL:
  • The product offers: You can stream any video from any hoster from this website, Help you download the files instantly.


  • You will get the high speed.
  • You don’t have to wait for the advertisement.
  • It is supported on all devices.
  • You can have the secured downloads from this website.
  • You can get a 15days subscription from this plan.
  • You get 100% quality.                                              


  • To use this, you have to pay the charges, i.e., $4.64 per month.

Different plans and packages offered by Realdebrid?


There are several plans for realdebrid/device which are explained are as under:

  1. For 15 days plan, you have to pay 3 euros and earn 150 fidelity points;
  2. For 30 days, you have to pay 4 euros and earn 2000 fidelity points; and
  3. For 90 days, you have to pay 9 euros and earn 40 fidelity points.

Is the website legit?

We have checked various factors like Alexa rating, customer reviews, social media presence, domain age that proves that the website is legit or scam, and we came across the point the website looks to be suspicious because of the following reasons:

  • Mixed reactions from the users where some users are satisfied with these services and some are not.
  • Alexa rating is 30,329
  • Social media presence is not good on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

Hence we leave it up to you whether you go for this service or not.

Users reviews towards realdebrid/device?

It is important to check the user’s reviews for your safety. We have checked over the internet, and we have found that mixed reactions from the users. 


Some users are saying that they find it horrible as users cannot watch one movie or any TV show without any interruptions, and the website provided the help link. Still, in reality, users won’t get any response from there. The customer service is poor.

On the other hand, some users are saying that they are using it for many years. They haven’t faced any issues. Overall it is getting a 2.8 rating out of 5.


Social media presenceYes
Trust score2.8
Customer reviewsYes
SSL EncryptionYes

Hope we have provided all the information related to realdebrid device. Alexa rating of the website is good and generated traffic on the internet, but the customer’s reviews, social presence are not good. Hence it’s your decision whether you go for this service or not.

Have you used realdebrid/device? How was your experience? Please share with us in the comment section.

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