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Read and learn in simple steps and get yourself educated from our roblox studio tutorial {7′ May 2021}.

It is quite possibly the most energizing and connecting with games on the planet, it has a local online area of over 64M dynamic players, and it’s free. Played usually in the United States

In any case, what we at CodaKid especially like about the Roblox Studio tutorial is that it gives a phenomenal method to show understudies Lua programming. In this free Roblox Studio instructional exercise, the CodaKid group will show you how to make your own custom Obby course starting from the earliest stage utilizing Roblox Studio and the Lua programming language. 

For those of you intrigued by how to utilize Roblox Studio and how to make a decent Roblox game, this is an incredible spot to begin! 


For the new to Roblox prearranging, if it’s not too much trouble, recall that Rome wasn’t underlying a day. While we need to make a great many Robux in our first week, it’s significant that you get familiar with the fundamentals first. 

You can then move onto more intricate games with loads of potential for commercialization. 

For those Roblox business people who might want to figure out how to make Tycoon games, Simulator games, Dodgeball games, Racing games, and Battle Royale games (Mining Sim coming soon!), look at CodaKid’s honor winning on the web courses with a free preliminary here. 

Roblox coding is an extraordinary method to learn text-based PC programming, and Roblox Studio is a great game creation motor that will train you a great deal about the 3D game plan. 


Here is a fast trailer of CodaKid’s free Obby instructional exercise introduced in the arrangement of instructional recordings beneath. The recordings are planned as a fun and successful approach to show coding for youngsters inside the Roblox universe. We trust that you appreciate them! 

For those of you that learn better with composing guidelines, Roblox has made an astounding Wiki that will walk you through the fundamentals of making your own Obby. 

For those that incline toward bit by bit video guidelines on the most proficient method to make a game on Roblox, continue! 

CodaKid’s short arrangement of Roblox Studio tutorial will give you bit by bit directions on the most proficient method to set up Roblox Studio, how to dominate its controls, how to spread out your Obby course, lastly, how to make your Obby spring up with the Lua prearranging language. 


We expect that you’ll make a custom Obby game that you’ll be pleased to show loved ones and that you’ll proceed with your Roblox Game Development venture (and maybe even make some Robux en route)! 

Once more, on the off chance that you are keen on additional Roblox coding and game advancement guidance, you can look at CodaKid’s online courses, which show you how to make many Roblox games, including Tycoon games, Dodgeball games, Racing courses, Adventure Maps, Speed Simulators, Battle Royale games, and the sky’s the limit from there. 

CodaKid has moderate month-to-month memberships with a free preliminary that likewise teachbb understudies how to make Minecraft mods, versatile game applications, 3D games utilizing Unreal 4 Engine, and custom sites. 

Furthermore, CodaKid is an online child coding institute, and the substance we are posting is intended for youngsters and teenagers. Yet, regardless of whether you are a grown-up student, you should, in any case, discover the recordings are very valuable. 

Instructions to set up Roblox Studio Tutorial 


Roblox Studio, accessible for the two Windows and Mac, is the fundamental structure instrument for Roblox games. It’s allowed to utilize and doesn’t expect you to buy a permit. 

  • Introduce Roblox Studio 
  • Dispatch Roblox Studio 5 min 

Introduce Roblox Studio 

Roblox Studio, accessible for the two Windows and Mac, is the fundamental structure instrument for Roblox games. It’s allowed to utilize and doesn’t expect you to buy a permit. 

The accompanying framework OS/equipment will guarantee Roblox Studio runs efficiently: 

  • PC/Windows — Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10, running IE (Internet Explorer) variant 11 or higher. For Windows 8/8.1, you should run Roblox in Desktop Mode, as Metro Mode (the tiled beginning screen) isn’t at present upheld. 
  • Macintosh — macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or more. 
  • Designs Card — A PC under 5 years of age with a committed video card, or a PC under 3 years of age with a coordinated video card. 
  • Processor — Processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz or better. 
  • Memory — At least 1 GB of framework memory. 
  • Web access. This stays up with the latest and allows you to do tasks to your Roblox account. A base 4-8 MB/s web association is suggested. Likewise, a 2-button mouse with a parchment wheel will improve your Studio experience. 


Taking stock of your abilities and impediments is essential, as it will help you better guide out a pathway to progress utilizing Roblox scripts and how to make a game on Roblox.

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