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We are here to review whether is RomsMania legit or not so that you can have some fun time with the best games while being struck at a home in these challenging times.

The pandemic has been a very challenging time for humanity. Many people across the United States and the world are stuck at home and struggle with anxiety and loneliness. These gaming platforms offer some entertainment and keep them hooked to the screen and enjoy the peace and alone. We are here to present you with a platform that could help you spend your alone time pleasantly by playing the best classic games by just downloading them for any platform.

What is RomsMania?

RomsMania is the platform to download ROMs, ISOs, and games to imitate with classic retro consoles. The website provides a free download of entertaining video games, ROMs for PlayStation, Game Boy, PSP, Nintendo 64, PC, and many more platforms. 


The website has been rendered safe for smartphone usage but there are many doubts about its usage on windows as it downloads in EXE format. EXE is an executable file that needs to be scanned using the latest antivirus to ensure it does not contain any malware or virus that could corrupt your laptop.

 The EXE files are not always a threat, but one must be cautious while using them. Many red flags have been raised regarding the EXE files on the RomsMania platform that has threatened many users’ computers.

To find out more regarding its legitimacy and user reviews, keep reading further; we have provided all possible information for our readers.

Is RomsMania legit or not?


As per the research we conducted, we got a very mixed user response regarding the website’s authenticity. The rating for the website stands at 2.5 stars, and the user’s reviews were usually cynical. 

Many users have stated malware on the downloaded games and the virus in the EXE file. Even though a few users have provided a useful guide for the successful installation process, we advise caution while associating with the website in any capacity. 

We do not endorse any of the activities and products there, and all our conclusions are based on the online available reviews and data. The results can be contradictory, and we do not guarantee any outcome. 

What is the RomsMania Review by the users?


We read numerous reviews about the website on multiple platforms where the users have shared much mixed responses about the website. Some users were scared by the possibility of a virus being present in the .exe file, didn’t trust the platform, and refrained from going ahead with the download procedure. They warned the other users regarding the potential threat, making us wonder whether it is RomsMania legit. 

Some users have appreciated the platform stating that the EXE files just contained a few ads that could have easily skipped. Some people also presented the alternative option to the EXE installer and overall appreciated the experience.

Some users recommended playing the game on smartphones over the windows. It opens an additional dialogue box that initiates the installation of other software instead of directly downloading the game.



Such malware and virus threats via an EXE file are very prevalent these days as almost all humans rely on online platforms for all their needs and download files all day. It is necessary to equip your devices with the latest antivirus software and be cautious and knowledgeable regarding the potentially threatening files.

The users based in the United States are very cautious when affiliating with such platforms and spread awareness in case of any unfavorable outcomes. This helps in educating others about the potential threat and the consequences that come with it. 

Please share your thoughts on whether it is romsMania legit or not and what was your experience with us.

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