What are the opinions in reviews by the customers? Rugs are one of the most common things in every household. But it is one of the most tuff things to find on the internet. Somehow, these are essential for every house. 

But, carrying these things to your home is a little tricky if they are heavily weighed. That’s why the most convenient option is finding an online shopping site to buy rugs, and they will deliver your product to your doorsteps.

This brand is one of the rare sites which ease your work. But before buying, you have to ensure whether this site is accurate or not. We are here to answer this question with all pros, cons, legitimacy indexes, and other points.

What is

This website is an Internet shopping website to buy only rugs, and this website is specifically designed to sell various type 0f rugs which attract customer’s eyes. 


To verify reviews, we present some facts here. There usually sell various types of rugs which are;

  • Moroccan swag.
  • Apollo rugs.
  • Persian rugs.
  • Oriental rugs.
  • Modern rugs.
  • Natural rugs.
  • Geometric rugs.
  • Solid rugs.
  • Tribal rugs.
  • Traditional rugs.
  • Vintage rugs.
  • Braided rugs.
  • Outdoor rugs.
  • Plush rugs.
  • Rugs of Boston collection.
  • Deepa collects rugs.
  • maharu collection.
  • Sisu collection.
  • Mangata collection.
  • Highbury collection.


  • Category: Online shopping website.
  • Product: Different types of rugs.
  • Price range: Products start from$19.
  • Contact number: 1 800 818 4079.
  • Contact address: 3425 HWY mill fort, South California, 29715. The U.S.A.
  • Email address: No email address is visible, but an email form is available on their website.


  • Free delivery is available on all their deliveries.
  • In a particular seasonal time, they are offering fast deliveries also.
  • Every week they upgrade their collection.
  • They are a BBB-recognized brand.
  • They constantly update you about their offer through their news sector.


  • Nothing is clearly mentioned about the refund policy.
  • Some product details are not discussed adequately.

What are the different categories available in it?

Apart from the types, they offer rugs for separate rooms of your home.

  • Bedroom rugs.
  • Living room rugs.
  • Dining room rugs.
  • Kitchen rugs.
  • Entry ways rugs.
  • Bathroom rugs.
  • Hallway rugs.
  • Patio Rugs.

Is legit?

After doing a lot of research on reviews, we found it legit. Various positive responses are available on the internet to rectify it as legit.

  • We came across several positive comments about this website. People are pleased with their services. But we also found some negative comments. 
  • They mentioned all the contact details. 
  • All their links are correctly workable, and all social media handles are accurate.
  • All details related to the company, their support, their service, and their founder.
  • Looking at all these points, we mark this company as a legit one with a 69% trust score.

Hopefully, all this information will help you to make your mind go smoothly.

What is the customer’s opinion on reviews? 


We found a lot of mixed responses from the side of customers. However, the positive reactions are more visible than the negative ones. 

Still, we portrayed both of them here to reveal all insightful details. Every comment matter when you review any product or website.

Berlin said,

“This website is a trustworthy one and has one of the largest collections of rugs to buy.”


Mary said, 

“One of the best features of them is their categorized separated rugs selling areas which helps you to choose more easily.”

Ruby said, 

“Their fast delivery option is terrible. My product arrived at my home after 4 days but the quality of the product is good.”


Limon said, 

“I received a torn rug in the parcel. But after 2 or 3 days of suffering the company exchanged it and gave me a new one without any extra cost.” 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 69%
Social media presence Yes 
Customer opinion Yes 

In the end, we gathered all information related to reviews and served in front of you to help you in making decisions. Expectedly, and it is a helpful one.

Meanwhile, for your information our comment section is open. Drop your queries, share your views, and let us know about your feedback through it. We are waiting for your response.

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