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Food is an essential part of life, and many of us are foodies too, so legit will help us know about the particular site, which will help us get some amazing and delicious food to taste. There are several varieties of dishes which we might not have heard about ever in our life. So, just by imagining it, the people who love food have a great opportunity to enjoy their love.

Citizens of the United States are using this websiteand some of them are really in it a lot. Because of the gift cards and the earning after giving the reviews, the users of this site are happy to have their interesting meals.

What is


As mentioned above, is an online website where an epicure or a gourmand person can earn and enjoy eating delicious dishes at various restaurants. When we visit the website, we will see two options they are login and submit a review.

So, to get more information about the website, we need to first log in using the name, email, and zip code to provide options for particular restaurants that are available near your area. 

This site will help us to earn cash and support local businesses by giving valuable reviews. And even we have a chance to get a free membership after just one monthly review. 


Getting some information will help us know whether is legitand proceed further on that site. A user needs to become a member of a particular restaurant only, but then they have a chance to go to multiple restaurants too but becoming a member is a need.


  1. Contact Address: There is no contact address available on the website.
  2. Contact Number: 801-449-1949
  3. Email Address:
  4. Payment methods: They provide all the standard methods of payments like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, stripe and secure.
  5. Category of the website: On this website, we have a chance to earn and share valuable feedback about the dishes of restaurants where legitcomes into the picture.
  6. Earnings: At every review provided by the user, he or she will get $10 for it. And even a gift card of $50 per month is provided before you go to a particular restaurant to have your meals.

Pros of

  • People who love food have a chance to have delicious and yummy food in their particular area.
  • They have an opportunity to get a gift card and a membership even.
  • There is a chance to earn an amount by just sharing the feedbacks about the special menu.

Cons of

  • The service of this website is available only nationwide, which means only people of the United States can take advantage of it.
  • If the receipt of your restaurant’s bill is lost, then your review will not be considered, which will affect your earnings.
  • The availability of gift cards can also be delayed due to circumstances that may lead us to pay from our pocket.

Is legit?

To verify any of the websites, it is essential to read carefully every point mentioned on the website. After the research, we have found this site to be legit as of the reviews. Some of them are enjoying the service of gift cards and earnings as well. Because they have some options too like double of gift cards and earnings on the website for becoming a member.


Some articles or reviews related to Legit considered this site to be legit, but it would be good if we proceed over it by observing the safety.

Reviews on

After the research, we have found that this site is genuinely good and useful to users by providing them with the opportunity to fulfill their cravings and earn. 

We have also seen the Instagram page, but there were no reviews available on that as well. From the other sources, we have got to know thoughts about the users. The overall rating of this online website is 2 out of 5.



From the above information we got to know that the service provided by the website is quite good, but not all of them are satisfied with it. Like out of 100, only 30 of them have positive reviews about it, which is not satisfied from the user’s point of view.

We hope you got the answer of the quest that “is legit or not”.

Please do share your valuable feedback in the comment section. 

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