Skyinstant Reviews :100+ Feedback, Pros & Cons [Feb 2024]


What are the skyinstant reviews? Thousands of e-commerce websites are available in the web world, and Skyinstant is best known for selling low-price utensils.

Each makes a different kind of job easy and help us out with our other problem. This website is also another e-commerce website offering different products to buy.


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Now, the significant fact is about the safety of the site. Apart from good products, a vast collection, and exciting deals, there is one essential spectrum: security and legitimacy. But most of the time, people place 8rders in a hurry after checking the agreement. But here, we collect all information to make you aware of such facts.

About skyinstant?


Before going on the detailed skyinstant reviews, we must clarify that there is not so much information available about this particular website. Still, we managed to get some critical information. 

First of all, this 8s is a part 9f online e-commerce business that sells different utensils and furniture to manage your home and other offices or any workplace decor. This website is nearly two years old. But the recent problem with this site is this website is not opening.

After conducting deep research, we get to know that this website is now available for sales. Naturally, all the services are closed as of now. Still, there are some unknown facts available that we are disclosing about it. We gathered all information that will help you know the services more clearly.


  • Category: online e-commerce business 
  • Type: utensils and organizer furniture 
  • Email address: Inform regarding this matter is unavailable 
  • Address: No valid information is available about the official address 
  • Phone number: No number is visible on their website


  • A vast range of different organizer furniture is available to choose from.
  • This website offers worldwide shipping and free deliveries in the local area.
  • There is a return option available on this website.


  • No essential information is visible on this website.
  • The customer care is non-responsive and unavailable for the customers.
  • Necessary details regarding delivery and return are unavailable.
  • The website is blocked now for usage.

What are the skyinstant reviews?


Let’s unveil the fats of the reviews on this page. There are no positive responses available on this page. This website has been available for two years, but no precise and accurate answers are available for the website. The social media presence of this website is not so impressive.

We only found a Facebook page with a handful of followers on it. The presence is also questionable, and the strength of the follower base didn’t cross five hundred, which is a bad sign.


There are different suspicious activities are found on their website. And users and previous buyers’ skyinstant reviews are also not satisfied totally. They address this website as a fake website and say that they are a fraudulent website that loots people. Overall, the responses are not good, and we mark this company as suspicious with a 2% trust score.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 2% 
Social media presence Yes   
Customer opinion Yes    

The skyinstant reviews are very adverse. There are different questionable facts and not cleared statements available. Analyzing all such points, we mark this company as a scam one. It is better to avoid such a website through this website is closed for buying.

If you have any previous experience with this website, you can freely share it through our comment section below. We would love to see your responses.

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