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Sleep number c2 reviews? A night of good sleep is as important as exercise for a healthy mind and body. Comfortable bedding and mattresses help in getting a sound sleep. If you are looking for a new mattress set, we have the best option for Stomach sleepers.

Sleep number c2 is a product from sleepopolis. They provide its services in the United States for a long time. To know more about its specifications, read further.

What is Sleep number c2?


It is a mattress meant for average-bodied stomach sleepers. They gave multiple financing options for it to make your purchase more convenient. The company which is hosting the item git started in 1987. The original band was formed under the name Comfortaire Corporation. But, later on, it got sold to the public company Select Comfort Corporation. Its name changed to Sleep nimber.

Their headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is the spot for designing manufacturing and shipping. No matter the fact that it is an item of a well-known pu1blivc corporation brand. They are very down-to-earth. It makes us depend on them and believe in their claims.

You can also purchase more bedding items like pillows, cases, and much more.

  • They also allow customizing items to suit your bed size.
  • A 25-year warranty adds more integrity.
  • The mattress is featured with hundred comfort points that make it perfect for each sleeping position.
  • The mattress level can be increased if you go by a different digit, c4 mattresses.

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  • Contact address: 55 Washington Street, #322, Brooklyn, NY 11201.Email:
  • It is an above-average quality mattress, and if you have a bare bed, but will get elevated by height.
  • It is not a good option for overweight people because they might feel uncomfortable due to lack of firmness according to their weight.
  • The mattress is the lowest model sold by the company, but it is affordable for typical price range customers.
  • The mattress size is 8 inches in thickness and made with a blend of polymer polypropylene.
  • There is no foam layer present for extra comfort.
  • They have installed a fiber-packed layer above the air chamber.
  • There is a dual air chamber as per your need. They even provide a remote and pump to change the level according to your comfort level.
  • There is a four feet hose kept in the mattress to adjust our level.
  • You can change the top layer for washing as it is removable. The mattress is packed in it with the help of a zip.
  • For people suffering from back problems, it is a good option, and you can change the firmness according to your requirements.
  • It lacks memory foam, but you can purchase add-on to cover that issue.


  • The items used in their mattress is comfortable for sleeping and has many good properties
  • They offer multiple discounts and coupons.
  • Many testimonials are present on open sources that get an idea of their quality.
  • It is an old brand but uses the latest technology for better comfort.
  • There are plenty of choices on the official website.
  • A complete section is present for reviews.


  • No shipping and return policy is present on the official website.
  • They have not given the details of the owner.
  • Their products are not very pocket-friendly.

Is it Sleep Number c2 safe?

The easiest way to find about the legitimacy is by going through the Sleep number c2 reviews. For that, you can visit social media. They have given links to reach their Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and Twitter. This site has a high trust score which is a good point to justify its legitimacy.

The mattresses from this brand get sold on various other e-commerce giants which, confirms that it is a legitimate product. We did a comprehensive analysis of the whole mattress and looked deep into its specifications. We think that it is the best choice if you are looking for comfortable and basic mattresses.


They have not given any return policy. So you shall be vigilant while affiliating with them. Many doctors have associated with the brand to make the best products and, give their testimonials.

Sleep number c2 reviews?

According to the official website, they are a leading brand in mattresses and have received an excellent rating from consumers. But the reviews on other e-commerce say different. It has got 2/5 stars on online retailers. Thus we can conclude that these are both types of responses from the audience.

Some Customers were disgruntled with the customer care services. They also mentioned that, do not buy addons and extra accessories. Some people got suffered from back pain after using these mattresses.


Apart from some negative comments, there were many happy customers too. We will recommend you go through the feedback and decide for yourself.


Sleep number c2 reviews? There is so much competition in this business line but, they are one of the oldest brands. Their products are highly appreciated by users in the United States. But they need to improve on some aspects to succeed in their brand.

Social mediaYes
Trust scoreHigh
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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