Smashbox Sunset And Wine Review [Nov -2022]


Are you worried about the effectiveness of Smashbox sunset and view? Then, here are the Smashbox sunset and wine reviews that will give you everything you want to know about the product.

To appear cheerful and presentable most people use makeup. Makeup is not a beauty amplifier. It is the one process that gives you confidence and makes you attractive. Cosmetics that we use may sometimes tend to cause skin rashes or damage. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the best products through continuous research on the reviews. The article provides the Smashbox sunset and wine reviews you need to know when using the product.

What are Smashbox sunset and wine?


Smashbox sunset and wine from L.A. Lights is a blush and lip color. It works both on the lips as well on the cheeks. Being sold in different colors, they have wide acceptance. It serves the idea of two items in one buy. All the Smashbox sunset and wine reviews speak widely about consistency and shades.

 It has a curve-shaped top portion different from those with square edges. The product becomes smooth on the cheek as well as the lips. It also has a level sponge for blending. Moreover, it contains odor-free, oil-less ingredients that give the skin a glossy appearance. The oily skin appears to be smooth and less oily because its components blend perfectly into the skin.


  • Type: cheeks and lip colour along with blush
  • Ingredients: titania, albite
  • Inclined towards: odor-free, oil-free, and devoid of sulfates
  • Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, youtube,
  • Price: $33.21
  • Free shipping if purchased above $49
  • Currently unavailable on the website but available on amazon
  • Weight: 0.17oz.
  • Other products: Smashbox halo check pallet


  • It can be used as cheek and lip color
  • Perfect mixing
  • Good shades
  • No side effects
  • Works effectively on oily skin
  • Leveled, soft sponge 


  • The color may be different for cheek and lip
  • It may only work for some skin tones, so choose accordingly.

Is the product worthy?


As per the Smashbox sunset and wine reviews, the product is worthy and effective. Beauty Bridge is a company that began in 2005 in the united states of America and has been widely prominent in the skincare market. Also, the company is among the leading companies in the usa. They are available on all social media websites and also give legitimate replies on their sites.

The product uses the best chemicals that are scientifically identified and, thus, proves its worthiness. The minerals are amiable to the skin and prevent unwanted rashes and damage. According to its customers, the product is effective and productive because it serves the purpose of two at once.

Smashbox sunset and wine reviews by customers


Some customers have been using the product for years and are still recommending it to others. Only people complain about it being expensive compared to the product’s size. Customers are using it to amplify their beauty, and its dual nature is astonishing to them. The prominence of the cheekbones is developed by applying them to the cheeks with the level sponge used as the blush.

The dual nature of the flat sponge attracts millions, as it saves two at a time. However, some complaints about the broken packages and varying shades are present on their websites. But taking all at a glance, it is a perfect option for most people irrespective of their age, skin texture, and beauty needs.


The product has a 4.6star rating with 259 universal rankings—the Smashbox sunset and wine review unanimously opinion that the commodity gives a natural glow to their skin. The sparkle is produced on the lips as well as on the cheeks and gives satisfaction to the users. It is an excellent, must-try product and appears to have good reviews apart from some negative ones that talk about how it arrived broken to them.


Beauty Bridge is an e-business that has been operating since the 2005s and thus has gained trust in the cosmetics market. Therefore, its product Smashbox sunset and wine, with a dual purpose, will yield the best results per Smashbox sunset and wine reviews.

This article aims to give a general idea about the product. The information here has helped you all. Please use the product and also give us the reviews on the writeup.

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