Stop posting about among us lyrics


Stop posting about among us lyrics is a rant topic that went viral and spread like wildfire among the netizens. 

This rant started because many Among Us memes were getting circulated on almost every social media platform since the 2020 lockdown worldwide. The major surge of these memes was observed in the United States.


A Tiktok user took to Tiktok and posted a rant video about the abundance of the overhyped Among Us memes, and the rant got viewed and received hearts in thousands. Read the article till the end to know more about the origin and popularity of this viral rant Tiktok video.

Let us know the details about Among Us game first?

Among Us is a famous online multiplayer game launched in 2018 which got popular after its Android launch in November 2018. It is a game based on a space theme. The players are represented in the game as small graphics of astronauts in different colors who are on a mission to detect the Impostors among them, eliminate them and complete the given tasks on the Spaceship.

How did “Among Us” get popular?


Many Twitch users and YouTubers started streaming this game on their platforms and invited their viewers to play this game with them. This is how Among Us got famous initially. The game also received much attention in the United States when the country was in a complete lockdown in 2020 due to novel Coronavirus.

The popularity due to the lockdown was followed by the viral rant video posted by a Tiktok user, which was basically about Stop posting about among us lyrics. The lyrics of this viral video are all over the Internet, and people have started making their versions of this famous rant topic and edited this video thousand of times for entertainment purposes.

What is it all about “Stop posting about among us lyrics”?

This rant about putting an end to the overabundance of the Among Us memes caught everybody’s attention at the beginning of 2021 when a TikTok user shared his feelings about getting irritated and annoyed seeing a sea of the overhyped Among Us memes on various social media platforms. 


The person with his Tiktok account biggayrapper took to Tiktok and expressed his thoughts in a rant video on 21 February 2021, which went viral all over the Internet in a few days. This rant video welcomed many edits, remixes and people started making their versions of this rant video inspired by Stop posting about among us lyrics.

The viral video initially gained 32,000 views and 7,300 hearts or likes in the first five days of its posting. The video became a hot topic in the first five weeks as it received around 385,000 views and 110,000 hearts.


Later on 23rd February 2021, Keaton21, a YouTuber, posted this viral video on YouTube, which garnered over 1.2 million views in a month only. On 25th February 2021, a Reddit or with the username xxlightheadxx posted this video on Reddit, which received more than 6000 upvotes in a month. Following similar posting and reposting on almost every platform, the Tiktok became a viral rant video converted into many memes and remixes.

The lyrics of the viral rant video go about a person complaining about the “Among us” memes all over the Internet, and the person is sick and tired of all of them. The person is annoyed that all of his friends share the same overhyped memes on almost every platform, and their discord server is also filled with the “Among us” memes.

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