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Here we will be reviewing and discussing whether the website tainlii com legit or not >> 27th July ’21 . It is an online store for house furnishings like window panels, cupboards, curtains, crafted candles.

The website is easily accessible in the United States. If you are looking for house furnishings, then it is a one-stop solution to all your desires, and the portal is an absolute delight to surf through and find the perfect tool for yourself.

What is tainlii com?


It was launched on 13/03/2021 and expired on 13/03/2022, and it’s an online shopping platform that is currently providing custom and very intrinsically designed house furnishing products. But then it is relatively new in this domain and has yet not proven very trustworthy.

The website has a customized collection of different home goods at a very reasonable price and merchandise exchange. They have been added to the homepage and make it look very pleasing and capture the customer’s attention to explore more and make purchases after being enthralled by the uniqueness of the products. 


But the site has some red flags too, which make it less trustworthy, and you might wonder whether tainlii com legit or not. Please read forward for more details.


  1. They have provided this address 13206 Bert Brown Rd., Conroe, TX, 77302/United States.
  2.  The present contact details on the platform is 713-501-9477
  3.  You can send your reviews and other comments to luseritoaneia52.com.
  4.  They receive payment through any Credit or debit cards and PayPal, American Express, VISA, MASTERCARD. DISCOVER, etc.
  5.  They are currently dealing with home goods like cupboards, crafted candles, window panels.
  6. The delivery period is 1-2 days for delivery in the US
  7.  The article must be in the original packaging for refund or replaced within 14 days of purchase. 
  8. The shipment can be tracked on their website. 


  • They have a globally available online portal that can be accessed easily.
  • They offer multiple payment options online through various debit and credit cards.
  • They offer easy refund and return options within 14 days of delivery.
  • They offer reasonable prices on all their products.


  • The platform is relatively new and is yet to have an established user base.
  • There are no details on the website about the proprietor of the website.
  • The website is poorly planned, and the website name on the official platform does not match the domain name.
  • The products displayed have no customer reviews on their website, which is reasonably necessary to help customers know more about the product.
  • The website has no reliable tracking system.
  • The discount and prices available on the website seem fishy.
  • Few products available on the website have neither item name nor depiction.

Is tainlii com legit or not?

A website like this always comes with some red flags, and users need to be careful while using them. A website like these can cause financial loss and may even deliver copied or damaged goods. The website has considerably low traffic, and the website’s trust score is very low due to no accurate response. 

The website also does not support any customer reviews section. They are catering to the customers globally, but we recommend caution while associating with them. There is no proper contact information; hence it becomes quite challenging to trust the website.


We are not confident about the website’s legitimacy, but we would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and recommend researching their background details and then making a purchase.

What is the tainlii com review by the customer?

The platform has been in business for almost 4 months only, and the site’s trust score is nearly 2% only, which makes the website not trustworthy. Another fishy thing about the platform is that its official name is different from its domain name. The website does not have any significant response on the purchases from its customers yet.


The website has no legit social media presence. We failed to get any trusted customer feedback. The website has no major clout. The office webpage has no information about tainlii and its creator. The products have no proper description and neither customer reviews on the website.

We are not confident whether tainlii com legit; hence we would not suggest you associate with the website because it might cause financial loss. But if you want to buy their products, we would tell you read through their products detail and review before making any substantial purchase.


The website has some red flags; hence we are not confident whether tainlii com legit. So we will suggest you be very careful during any association. Do visit the website to explore their products and get more details on them. Please share your thoughts in our comment section about the platform; we love hearing from our readers.

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