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We are here with a new website, Tellhappystar com, which conducts surveys for Hardee’s food company Inc and Carl’s Jr. It is a food brand and has many restaurants across the country and prioritizes customer reviews and welfare.

The food chain company of Hardee’s is situated in the south and midwest of the United States. The company is very observant about the customer’s review and wants to know about the customer’s needs; hence, they use it to know more about them and continue reading for every detail.

What is tellhappystar com?

The website gives you a survey that will help the fast-food company Hardee give a better and updated experience to their customers. The company believes that the success of any company can be promoted only if they take care of their customers. 

Hence they found a way to get customer’s reviews by asking them to do a survey using this website. The website tellhappystar asks you to give an impartial judgment about their services and gives gift cards for your precious time. 

The gift cards can be used to get discounts in their restaurants. The website is designed to determine the growth and progress of their company. 

They fix the mistakes pointed by the customers and give a better experience. This is a reciprocated service that will benefit both parties.



•     Contact Address – Hardee’s address is 214 Cedar Spring Rd, Spartansburg SC 29306.

•     Customer Care Number – 


•     Email Address – This information is provided on the website is

•     Category of the Wewebsite – They are currently doing surveys on two food company that are Hardee’s and Carl Jr.

•     Countries available– They are available in the US.

Pros of Surveys.


• They offer a free survey to provide better service at their fast food restaurant

• It gives you free awards for filling surveys which includes gift cards and vouchers.

• It is an online portal and easily accessible to all.

• These gift cards can be used to get discounts at their restaurants.

• It is a reciprocated service that will benefit both the customers and the food company.

Cons of surveys.

• They do not have any other food company to review.

• The question asked are very fundamental and do not cover all the customer’s problems.


• The surveys are very time-consuming.

• They do not offer the exact gift card expected by the customers.

• The survey is only for users in the US.

• You need to have a recent visit receipt to participate in the survey.

Is the site legit?

Tellhappystar com is cooperated by a reliable fast-food company Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Hence we are confident about their legitimacy. The website is legit and can be trusted for giving surveys. 

Your surveys are used to better their company, and in return, you benefit from using their awards.


They have started giving out free meals on their website and give you 30 days within which you can use the given code from the website. The popularity of Hardee’s fast-food chain is growing fast in the United States, and the website promotes its growth and better service.

What is the review of customers?

They have given a very engaging survey which makes it fun for the users. The website gives you free awards, which will encourage more users to do surveys. But they only provide one receipt for one participant. 

And it is necessary to take the full survey by one participant only, and they cannot take help from their family or friends to fill the survey.

Some of the customers complained that even though their receipt was under seven days, they still could not participate in the survey. 

Some customers complained about not getting the desired gift card, and some said that the coupon given to them was invalid and could not redeem at the restaurants.


The website tellhappystar com has created an influential platform for itself owned by a famous food brand that already has major clout among the customers in the US. But still, they have many fields to enhance to render satisfying customer services. 

Make sure to read through the survey details and their reviews before starting their survey. We would suggest you, please visit their website and share your review in our comment section. We love hearing from our readers.

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