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Are you stocked on the Citi credit points and are wondering where to redeem them. The website used to execute such tasks is Thank You .com.

People in the United States usually make payments using bank credit cards, and these banks and different card companies offer points to promote the usage of their products. The credit earned is redeemed to avail of various offers and services. To know detailed information on this topic, continue reading this article by us.

What is Thank You .com?, also known as ThankYou from Citi, is an online web application program that lets the eligible customers of the bank and those who own the bank credit card collect their reward points, also called ThankYou points.


These points are usually received when you execute the purchases using the bank valid debit or credit cards.

The points have their value and can be very easily redeemed for multiple perks and discounts. 

Understanding the workings of these points can be a bit confusing, and in this article, we will try to explain every detail possible to help you use them efficiently.


Here are some of the points mentioned below that the users need to keep in mind to avoid any confusion regarding thank You .com.

Different sets of rules and procedures govern:

  • Various Citi credit cards to use the customers’ points.
  • The number of points offered on any card might differ as per the terms of the bank itself.
  • Even though Citi allows the credit transfer to numerous travel loyalty programs, this feature can be accessed on different terms subject to which card you own.

Where can you redeem ThankYou points?

The ThankYou credit points are versatile in terms of usage and can be redeemed in multiple flexible ways.


We have listed below a few alternatives wherein the users can redeem their Citi ThankYou points:

  • On travel plans.
  • By purchasing gift cards to the possible brands present on the platform.
  • The points can be retrieved for cashbacks.
  • Users can utilize the points to do shopping on partnered retailer websites.
  • They can also be utilized to pay a mortgage.
  • Many users redeem these points to help pay their student loans.
  • You can utilize the points to do some noble causes such as charity.
  • In some cases, these points can also be used to pay some very specific bill payments decided by the bank.
  • These points can also be shared with other ThankYou rewards members.

Which cards earn you the Thank You .com points?

Various Citi cards bestow the customers with free ThankYou points on availing of their services. To name a few of these cards and products are

  • Citi rewards + card
  • Citi custom cash card
  • Citi rewards + student card
  • Citi premier card

These cards offer a different number of ThankYou points on other purchases. Ensure to carefully read all the terms and conditions regarding the card you use to get detailed knowledge and information.


The Citi ThankYou points can also be purchased using cash, even though it is not recommended, as the customers may spend more than their actual worth.

What are the major cons of the ThankYou points?

Even though these credit points offer several benefits and features, let us now discuss where these points lack and need improvement to match their competitors in business.

  • The median rate granted by these points is below its counterpart’s rewards programs.
  • Citi’s transfer partners for the travel plans fail to accommodate the significant airlines operating in the United States.
  • They only serve the alliances of all the significant airlines based in the United States.
  • They contribute a relatively less cashback amount on retrieval of points than their counterparts in the U.S.


The ThankYou points from Citi are absolutely legit and very straightforward to collect and redeem. We would suggest very carefully reading the terms and conditions of the bank on the website Thank You .com. Also, understand the number of points awarded by the cards you manage. 

Research all the options available to redeem the points and which among them is most profitable. Remember to share your experience with us. Do let us know if you have feedback on our articles; we love hearing from our readers. 

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