Thanksgiving Dinner Grocery List

Are you looking for a thanksgiving dinner grocery list? We will provide you with the best possible list, which will make your dinner super memorable and delicious for the guests. Christmas is around the corner, and We are sure you must be worried about the party. Don’t you worry, we will solve all your problems?

Almost all grocery items are readily available in the United States, so keep calm and read the article thoroughly.

The most awaited Thanksgiving grocery list-

  • Turkeys are the first thing to add to the list- It is the most loved dish in the United States and is the most delicious one. Do not forget to add this bird to number one on the list. We cannot only buy the turkey, and it will be cooked deliciously. You will want some good utensils/accessories to make the guest lick their fingers. 
  • A frying pan- without a good pan, you cannot make the bird’s skin crispy. Buy a non-stick roasting pan.
  • The meat thermometer- The meat thermometer will help you prevent the bird from being overcooked or less cooked.
  • Herbs and spices– you can add rosemary and thyme to make your meal finger licking. Also, no food is tasty without the spices, don’t forget to buy it and make your thanksgiving dinner grocery list perfect.
  • Butter/oil– You definitely cannot roast your bird without butter, so keep it checked.
  • Keep some extra side dishes handy- Although Turkey is the star of the show, you should have the variety on your dining table. You can add some seasonal salad for vegetarians, some cranberry sauces, sweet potatoes, green beans, and of course, some ready-to-cook gravy. Are you writing all the items? Okay, so let us continue.
  • Potatoes- Buy some potatoes, whether normal ones or sweet ones. Boiled potatoes with some sauces and spices are like a cherry on the cake. Also, get some sweet potatoes as well. After all, it would help if you did not miss a thing.
  • Pieces of bread– Loaves of bread are essential to make bread crumbs to make the crispy frying items. Always grab bread to make some bread crumbs beforehand.
  • Green beans- You can add green beans to your thanksgiving dinner grocery list as a side dish. You can buy frozen or fresh as per your liking.
  • Cranberry- How can you forget cranberry sauce? Quickly add packets of frozen or fresh cranberries and some more quick side dishes to add stars to your dinner.
  • All kinds of flour– don’t forget to add all-purpose flour to add thickness to your gravy, and also, it is essential for baking those pies and other baking food.
  • Deserts- Who cannot crave sweetener after such a sizzling dinner. For adding a spark to your thanksgiving dinner grocery list, you will want some items in hand to prepare for your desert. We are listing down some essential desert making ingredients:
  • Sugar– A desert is not a desert without this crucial ingredient. Add a note of it, don’t you forget this leading player of our last meal. You can stock a good amount of sugar, and don’t forget to check the expiry date.
  • Nuts– whenever we hear deserts, we think about dry fruits and nuts. You will want these when making a pie or another sweet dish.
  • Cream– If you are preparing a cake or something, you would want heavy cream. You can buy some heavy cream from the market.
  • Fruits– Fruits like apples can be necessary when making apple pie or something for the desert, and you can also keep raw flavored fruits as a dessert.

Final verdict

We know that not all but most of the thanksgiving dinner grocery list provided by us will benefit you. You can add or subtract as your like from our list. 

We are eager to wait for the comments. We want to know which ingredients you used from our article. 

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