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The CROWN act is a big step that is taken to get a discrimination-free and equality-filled country. In this article, we will uncover everything you need to know about the act. You can visit the website here, the crown act .com, once you know how to proceed. Keep reading to make yourself knowledgeable about the act.

Before 1962, there used to be discrimination based on the race they belong to. After an act came to abolish it, it vanished in all parts of the United States. But there is a problem that is still faced by the women there. They are not allowed to work in offices if their hair color is black and are considered second class, even today.

What is the CROWN act?


CROWN is an acronym that describes having respect and an open workplace irrespective of their natural hair color. This is an effort by the Dove company, which is aimed to take this point of discrimination to the government of the United States,and subsequently, remove it from the country and empower women at workplaces.

It was started in 2019, and still, we need to have good progress from few states. You can know the status of your state in the following sessions.

States agreed with CROWN:

Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Vermont, Florida, New Hampshire, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


These are the 17 states that have filed the petition and supported the CROWN act from 2019.

States that haven’t filed for CROWN

Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Idaho, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Illinois, West Virginia, Rode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maine, Wyoming, and Minnesota.

These are states that haven’t shown any interest in supporting the act. The reason behind them is the people and legislative assembly that is responsible for these states. The act is trying to get support from these states as soon as possible by creating awareness and spreading the positive outcomes that the country could get it signed at the crown act .com and agreed by all the states. 

How quick is the progress?


This section of the article will see when those states start supporting the crown act:

S.NoName of the StateMonth of PetitionYear of support approval
1.New MexicoApril 5th2021
2.NebraskaMay 5th2021
3.ConnecticutMarch 4th2021
4.VirginiaMarch 3rd2020
5.ColoradoMarch 62020
6.DelawareApril 132021
7.New JerseyDecember 192019
8.MarylandMay 8th2021
9.New YorkJuly 12th2019
10.CaliforniaJuly 3rd2019
11.WashingtonMarch 192020

California is the earliest to start to apply petition, and Nebraska is the newest one that agrees to the policy. There are still 20 states that need to appeal and join the community. Studies say that it will take at least the next two years for the other countries to join. There is a lot of process, which starts from creating awareness through various programs to promote it based on the practical benefits of this act.

How can you contribute to the crown act .com?

This is not a single-person thing. This needs a collective opinion and combined support in bulk from all people of the country. As we all know, good things take time; let us know what must be done to let this moment move further.


You can help reduce and abolish hair discrimination in all public places:

  • The first thing you need to do is join the coalition. This coalition is a combination of the law with advocacy. It is a non-government but collective moment intended to end the concept of hair discrimination in the country. 
  • Not only as a person, if your office, organization, people at the workplace, your family members, your friends, your acquaintances, your employees, or whomever you know, you can educate them to join the coalition collectively or individually.
  • After you join the coalition, you need to sign a petition. It is a form of request that we sign as a group of people to ask the government that we need justice. 
  • Today, the petition is signed by 250000 people and aims to get it signed by 500k by the end of 2022.
  • After you sign the petition, take the initiative to let your state know about the crown act.

Final thoughts:

If we wanted to have a discrimination-free country, then we need to support the CROWN act. If we do, it doesn’t harm us. Instead, it does good for someone. Visit the crown act .comand contribute as much as you can. It’s a step towards growth as a better nation.

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