Tomberlin Golf Cart Reviews based on 500+ Customers [2023]


Thinking of purchasing a Tomberlin golf cart today? Do not worry! We are here to share our views and provide you with genuine Tomberlin golf cart reviews on the products and services they provide.

Tomberlin golf cart comes with different models and upgraded features to give the customer a smooth ride. In addition, they can be easily changed and provide the buyers with a tremendous seating experience. The golf cart models of this company have garnered much attention in the United States and are topping the charts of the Golf cart market.


This article will inform you about the Tomberlin golf cart reviews in detail and whether you should purchase this product. Read till the end and decide for yourself to make the right buy.

What are Tomberlin golf carts?

Tomberlin began by introducing Tomberlin golf cart models back in 2007. Initially, the journey of Tomberlin company did not enjoy a smooth ride. But from 2016, they have emerged as the top player of their game, and the E-MERGE E2 LE has remained their staple for the upcoming years.

This model cannot be considered a top model or its introductory model. Still, it has sufficiently upgraded designs and features from the SE that attract buyers. Moreover, the brand promises the customers safety, performance, and exquisite design with an overall rich experience.


Our team offers thorough research of Tomberlin golf cart reviews and guides you through its purchasing procedure, so check out the full article.

Why should you go for Tomberlin?

Tomberlin company takes the extra mile for their customers. It offers golf carts simply designed for golf courses and Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTVs) and keeps in mind the style of engineering of its vehicles and the customers’ experience. 

The company ensures the safety and a rich overall performance with attractive designs of the golf carts for the customer’s convenience and comfort. Their tagline, “We Go Farther,” goes by without saying. You can read the Tomberlin golf cart reviews to know what the customers feel about the company.


The company claims to offer golf carts that not only provide you with a good experience while playing the sport, but there is so much more to it. Added to the experience, Tomberlin is a genuine Personal Transportation Vehicle designed for limited distance commutation and small drives to the neighbourhoods with unmatched features that shapes unforgettable drive memories for the customers.

Talking about the E-MERGE GT, it is the fastest golf cart model Tomberlin has ever produced.

Features & Specifications:

  • This golf cart model comes in various sizes, designs, and seating capacity (mainly for 2 or 4 passengers ). 
  • The colours of the golf carts also have a wide range like Tangerine Scream, Blue flame, Bullfrog Green, Sedona Orange, Matte Black, Matte Yellow, blaze red, Pristine White, Sterling Grey, etc. 
  • The steering of the golf carts runs on electric power, and the 4-wheel hydraulic brakes are carefully engineered. 
  • To ensure the safety of the players, 3-point safety seat belts and headlights, taillights, and brake lights are promised.
  • A 7″ LCD with the rearview camera also adds to the safety features of the Tomberlin golf carts. 
  • In addition, an 8 speaker Bazooka soundbar enhances the experience and is the standard equipment of the Tomberlin golf carts.
  • E-MERGE SS is made available for 2 or 4 passengers. So when looking for a perfect golf cart for yourself, try the SS model, as it includes all the LE PLUS features and aluminum-designed wheels of 14″. 
  • This golf cart also offers a newly introduced backlit headliner with Bluetooth stereo.
  • Several models offer a variety of features, but the three mentioned above are the most promising ones by Tomberlin golf cart.

Tomberlin golf cart reviews by customers

According to various customers from the United States, we received mostly positive reviews. The overall seating experience is nice and comfortable to sit on and much appreciated among the buyers.


The designs are very impressive, and a longer improved warranty has attracted the customers. In addition, the website is updated with details of every new upgrade in the golf carts, letting the customers level up their vehicles. 


After reading the Tomberlin golf cart reviews positively, we can conclude that this is the Best Buy for the players for a comfortable and trustworthy golf cart experience. Furthermore, the company’s after-sales service is also very promising, which is an addition to the overall experience of the golf carts.

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