Traeger Prairie 572 Reviews


Want to know Traeger Prairie 572 Reviews If you are searching for a smoker & griller, you must read Traeger Prairie 572 Reviews {April 2021} which is the latest upgraded product >> Also read the customer reviews.

What about homemade roasted chicken or smoky chicken? You must then read Traeger Prairie 572 Reviewsbecause, in this post, we will review a revolutionary product in the market that is not only on-trend searches, but several buyers are asking about its review. How is it? Let’s grab the details.


The product is made in the United States, but you open for orders around the world. There are several wood fire grills & smokers available, but most of them lack in quality. But what about Traeger Prairie? So, let take quick and in-depth details about this product in the below segment.

What is Traeger Prairie 572?

Traeger Prairie 572 is a wood pellet smoker and fire cook. It works on it to see the value in wood-ended taste and flavor in a supper. You can grill burgers, pizza, meat or smoking a brisket. It has Heavy-commitment and sawhorse case. Traeger Prairie 572 joins a modernized virtuoso controller with front-line fire-searing reasoning. It gives 15-degree exactness. 

In Traeger Prairie 572 Reviews, we found that it isn’t hard to use 6 out of one thing. One unit consolidates a TFB57-QLG Traeger-Prairie and Pro-Series 22 grill; moreover, 2 temperature tests, all-environment cover, a foldable front rack, appealing bamboo cutting-board, and hardwood pellets of a 20-lb pack of oak. 


  • 572-square inches absolute cooking surface 
  • Digital professional regulator with cutting edge barbecuing rationale: +/ – 15-degree precision, temperature control from 165F up to 450F 
  • 18-lb pellet container with container cleanout entryway 
  • Fold-down strong surface front prep rack 
  • Heavy-obligation sawhorse suspension 
  • All-landscape wheels 
  • Some gathering required 
  • Approximate estimations: Overall 49″H x 41″W x 26″D; Front rack 24.75″W x 11.5″D; Cutting Board 9.5” x 13.5”; Cord 87″; weighs 122.5 lbs
  • ETL recorded; 3-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty 
  • Accessories and wood pellets transport in a different box 

Benefits of Traeger Prairie 572

  • 6-in-1 plan: flame broil, smoke, heat, cook, braise, and grill 
  • Imported quality product 
  • Easy return and exchange is available

Cons of Traeger Prairie 572

  • Several complaints have been noted of the improper working of the smoker
  • Most of the buyers received a damaged piece
  • The product is a bit pricy as per the work

What are the Traeger Prairie 572 Reviews by the customers?


It is essential to identify the product’s legitimacy and its whereabouts before purchasing online. Most of the consumers neglect some critical points of verification and place their order, resulting in un-satisfaction or been scammed. If we talk about Traeger Prairie 572, we found several feedbacks from buyers.

The product Traeger Prairie 572has a brilliant rating and an old presence watching out and online media stages, yet we found a couple of stipulations while checking everything. One buyer said that he got a hurt one. 


One reacted on late transportation, yet we should determine that people gave a horrendous reaction to the customer’s help and organization. 

Is the Traeger Prairie 572 legit?

From the information mentioned above, we can say that we found mixed reactions from the consumer where most of them complain about the improper working of the smokers. Below we are mentioning some details like:

  • Domain Age: 16-11-1994
  • The Trust Index of the website is 99%.
  • Social Media presence is available like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • Email is not mentioned on the website
  • Contact no: 888-345-5788

By measuring all the points, we can say that the product is legit and it worked well, but due to inadequate servicing and irresponsible customer care, the product is roll-out to be an average item.



Online marketing is the leading industry in today’s world, and nowadays, consumers go with online shopping rather than offline because of extra discounts and offers. If we talk about Traeger Prairie 572, the product is legit and genuine, but the mixed reaction from the online buyers we received is an average product.

Many buyers received the item in broken condition, so we want to suggest to our reader that please make concern and do shopping with safety.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section if you faced any issues while using.

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