Is legit? This article will help you out to get the appropriate information about this website and its services too. A change from our daily routine is a must to get refresh and gain the focus as such. Even there are some work-related trips as well. So, this website will help the users plan their trips and offer some discounts to the customer.

Natives of the United States have begun to use the website for their tours and traveling. They are also happy with the services provided and mentioned on the website. Many people do love exploring new places and meeting new people. So, this website offers a great opportunity for them. Also, a good option for the family trip too. They also help us to provide good accommodation.  

What is

It is an online trip-related website. Travel Singapore Private Limited operates it. They have built up their network since 2003 to provide the customers best services, either it may be about accommodation or flight. But is legit? This is the point which we need to undergo or know? 

On the homepage, they have displayed all the services which they provide to their customers. The benefits include Homes, Hotels, Flights, Trains, Car Rentals, Airport Transfers, and tours and tickets. It is needed to have an account on their website to plan the trips

Also, language and currency options s provided where every individual user can choose to opt for their respective things. Trip coins are also provided to the customers based on the criteria listed on the website, and the conversion of coins to respective currencies is listed. 

For example, 100 trip coins will get converted to $1, which is approximately 73 rupees in India. This real money can be used for the next trips.


The benefits of this website are the user can book instantly, the trip coins, and some exclusive hotel deals which made people of the United States undergo and use this website.


● Contact Number: For English-speaking regions is +1-646-362-8606. And for other countries like Russia, France, Thailand and many more it is provided on the website.

● Contact Address: This information is unavailable on the website.

● Email Address: For every other service, they have provided individual mail ids like,,,,, 

● Partners: Google and TripAdvisor.

● Category of the website: This website comes under the category of trips and accommodations.

● Payment Methods: All the standard modes of payments are made available like VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.


● Social Media: On the website, they have provided icons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

● Booking process: When booking gets completed, a mail is sent, and the other process depends on the mode of transportation or accommodation.

● Cancellation: If a cheaper flight ticket is purchased, then it cannot be refunded or canceled, but the other can be canceled according to the terms and conditions provided on the website. To know more, do read the section about the legit

● Refund Policy: It will get transferred to the original mode of payment.


● Trip coins are provided based on the trips done by the user.

● Presence of social media and the contact details.

● Discounts are made available on the website.


● The best accommodation facility is made available.

● Languages and currency can be selected accordingly.

● The option of sorting is available either it may be according to price and facility.

● The frequently asked questions section is available on the website.

● The app is also available on this website.


● A cancellation policy is not available on all the services.

● The refund can only be done if they agree to it.


● Contact Address is not available on the website.

● Services might not be available sometimes due to the fixed capacity.

Is legit?

While undergoing through the website, we have found about their services and discounts made available for the user. As they have an extensive network or many connections, they are trying to provide the best accommodation to their customers. 

There is social media presence of this website with a good number of followers. The trust score of this website is 3.5 out of 5, which is quite good. reviews?

The users of this website are happy with their services; one of them was having a problem with a refund, but they have also replied to contact them again. They have said that this website was beneficial to them and also appreciated them. 

But some of them also have problems with this website, so if the user is willing to proceed further, do take care of payment safety.


After going through website services, reviews, and social media pages, we have got an idea about legit or not. The services mentioned on the website are good. But do take care during transactions.

ParametersYes/no/trust score
Social Media PresenceYes
Customer ReviewsYes
Trust score3.5
SSL Encryptionyes

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