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You can see a bucket full of flavors of food under the Tropical smoothie cafe menu. Who doesn’t jump in excitement when you know you are going to have a flavorsome dish? One such place is Tropical Café. The restaurant offers thousands of delicious recipes, no matter what the season is. You can pay a visit here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, whatever. 

Although the name suggests it is a smoothie café, it is not. You can smell hundreds of cuisines in one place. Though the restaurant is restricted to parts of the United States, it got its good name from all the parts of the world. It won’t be surprising to tell that people who go there on vacation include visiting this café to taste the nourishments. 

What is Tropical Smoothie Café?

  • They started with a small café shop and then opened more branches as the items served at the tropical café are becoming more popular and gaining attention all over the United States. 
  • This journey started in 1993 and formed as a franchise in 1997. From then on, it never looked back. Now it is known worldwide, who knows it may start its stores in your country too!
  • As the franchise continued growing, they started introducing new concepts in their stores to attract visitors. In addition, they modernized their cafes by introducing trendy artworks and some concepts like the beachside kitchen and open kitchen.
  • In addition to serving smoothies, Tropical smoothie also serves some side snacks related to bread and sandwiches. The pace at which it is growing its branches will be surprising if you hear. 
  • It is opening a new café once in three days. However, we must admit that this growth will speed up until the worldwide pandemic made it a bit slow. 
  • By this, you can understand how it is trending in the United States. It has 850 stores across the country and is estimated to open 2000 branches by the end of 2024. 
  • Founders are from a franchise development background; as the franchise increased exponentially, they recruited few from the food industry. Yet, they collectively stood as pillars for this tremendous development. 


  • It comes under the category of cuisines.
  • Founded by: Erich Jenrich, David Walker, Delora Jenrich.
  • Founded in: 1997 (24 years ago).
  • First Branch opened: Destin, Florida, United States.
  • Having the franchise’s headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • The total number of locations: 850 (as of 2021).
  • Area served: United States.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Charles Watson
  • Number of employees working: 3000+
  • Website link:
  • Functioning time: 24 hours.
  • Contact number: +1 623-584-6240
  • Contact address: 13749N Litchfield Road Suite, Surprise, AZ.
  • You can visit for: Lunch, dinner, and breakfast.
  • Items served: Tropical smoothie cafe menuis filled with smoothies that suit all seasons and have all the flavors.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu

As the primary intention is to serve tasty smoothies, the primary thing on the menu is smoothies of hundreds of flavors. As a result, 50% of the total sales come from smoothies, and the other 50% comes from all the other food combines. 

The menu is decorated with the list of these items:

  • Smoothies.
  • Sandwiches.
  • Non-GMO meat substitutes.
  • Seasonal smoothies.
  • Bread.
  • Burgers.
  • Ice creams
  • Chips that can be served as supplements with smoothies.

Island green continued to be the best-selling smoothie among all the smoothies available on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu.

When can you pay a visit?

The store is open all the days around the calendar. You can go early morning or even in the middle of the night and fulfill your desire of having a smoothie. There are smoothies at the Tropical Café, which are made suitable according to the season. For example, you can have a watermelon smoothie from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu if you visit on a hot summer day.

Likewise, you can have a hot sandwich if you wish to go there for a winter evening with your family. 

When it comes to charity, we have to admit one thing. There is a camp that Tropical Café leads by the name of Camp Sunshine. This mission intends to help children who are ill and their families also by giving them money. For this, the café collects $1 from the customers who visit them on their anniversary day in return for a sunshine smoothie.

Why Only Tropical Smoothie Café?


Don’t you find it good when you can get all your favorite foodstuffs in just one place? Definitely, yes, right. You don’t need to go to a particular café to get your good choice of smoothie, and you don’t need to go to a five-star restaurant to get your favorite sandwich. Instead, you can have both at once, in a single place. This is the unique feature of Tropical smoothies.

You can imagine yourself having a smoothie with a vegetable sandwich as a side dish. Don’t you find your mouth drooling when you think of this? You can go with your colleagues for your work anniversary; you can take your children there for a holiday, don’t you think they will be excited?

The cuisines present over the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu are famous all over the country, and there are so many reviews available over the web about the best quality foodstuff they are serving. As the stores are open 24/7, you don’t need to worry about the timings you reach there. 

We have provided the website link in the specification section; you can order your favorite food from the Tropical Smoothie now itself. Delivery time depends upon the nearest store that they have under Tropical Smoothie. With this facility, you can binge-watch your web series, having a smoothie in your hands right.

From our research, we also found that people found it the best place to hang out with friends as the interior of the café is so soothing. So maybe if you are lucky enough, you may get to be the customer of the day for a day you visit there and may get a chance to have an extra smoothie. Because Giveaways are not once a year thing, but an everyday thing now.

What do Customers say about Tropical?


There are 375421 reviews available for Tropical Smoothie Café on various social media sites and their website. 

So let us see in what ways people are impressed by Tropical:

John says,

“He had been there as a Christmas invitation one year; from then on, he is celebrating every Christmas there with the delicacies over the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu. He can’t please to go to another restaurant over the years. But, he also admits, Tropical Café is only getting better day by day to please its customers.”

In Richard’s words, 

“A Tropical café is a place to get healthy beverages and healthy smoothies that fit his diet. As he is a hardcore fitness freak, he found these smoothies better than any of the thick shakes available at various stores. Once people taste the items here, they will get addicted to them. However, the taste couldn’t stop him from visiting the café again and again.”


It is impressive how they are running the Café in the hard times of COVID. Based on the information given by a few of the customers, we got to know that staff strictly wears masks; they make sure every customer gets in with a mask. They are also keen on providing hand sanitizer, and they improved their service of door delivery than dining at the café.

Few reviews say that price is reasonable too when they got to taste such soothing smoothies. This is because there are so many reviews available all over their pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

Unfortunately, there are a few negative reviews about the service and the cleanliness offered at the café. We hope the team will know and make efforts to improve it further.

Closing thoughts:

There is a trust score of 70% for this website and an average rating of 4.3 for 5. These two things will convey that the restaurant is not that bad for a taste of one of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu smoothies.  

They had built their blog exclusively to showcase the new flavors that they are introducing in their Café. This seems to be growing and pleasing people to get them again and again. 

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