Do you know what tubavtogether.com is? Don’t Worry! We are here to help you. Today we are going to talk about a website that belongs to Jews in the world. Let’s see if this website is legit or not.

The people in the United States can recite a few sections of Tehillim around the same time, creating a global tefillah for the worshippers.


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What is tubavtogether.com?

Tu B’Av Together is a day of tefillah in which 500,000+ Jews will join together in tefillah to pray for all singles in Klal Yisrael. A MEGA LIVE broadcast event will also take place. It is an official website for all Jewish people around the globe. 

They can come together and pray on behalf of people who need Shidduchim. In addition, a minyan of talmidei chachamin will pray in Amuka on behalf of Klal Yisrael. Anybody who has PayPal can donate to their organization. 


After donating, one can receive free presents. Following your donation, you will be given a “Coin of Bracha.” On their website, you can watch a variety of live activities. You can download Tehillim for free.


  • URL- https://tubavtogether.com/?p=49251
  • Category- Tubav 
  • Domain Creation Date- Friday 22nd, July 2016 12:00 am
  • Website Popularity- 1591027 (Poor)
  • Domain Black-list Status- Not detected by any black-list engine
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites- 13/100
  • Physical Address- 4018 18th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11218 NEW YORK – USA
  • Contact Number- 1-866-923-5224 / 1-718-633-0776 / 1-212-688-3095
  • Other Address- 580 5th Ave, Suite 216 New York, NY 10036
  • Email- info@YadLachim.org
  • Server Address- San Francisco, California, US


  • This platform is made accessible for all the Jewish people in the world.
  • People can watch live events on their websites.
  • The schedules of the events are available on their website.
  • HTTPS Connection
  • They have arranged a monthly program for people to join.
  • They have a newsletter.
  • TLS certificate is available that makes them secure.
  • Live musical performance by famous artists on the live stream
  • You can use credit cards to donate.
  • You can donate once as well as monthly or even in installments.
  • You can set a reminder, and you’ll get notified before every live event.


  • The identity of the owner of this website is hidden.
  • People can donate using PayPal only.
  • Bad popularity
  • Not many reviews on the internet
  • Unable to find details about their organization like history and their associates.
  • Not available on any social media platforms.

Is tubavtogether.com legit or not?

This website received a trust score of 75.8 percent, which indicates that it is trustworthy. According to the website’s pros, they feature details about their live events, and anybody around the world can participate in their prayers. 

The cons of this website tell us that changes are crucial in the organization. It is not that popular in the United States. But they have to take a stand to improve the condition of their website by promoting them on different platforms. 


In this way, someday, this website can be legit. But for now, this website is not legit because it lacks factors that describe a website’s legitimacy. 

What are customers’ reviews?

There is, as we have seen, a lack of popularity. People may find it tough to approach this website and give because there are no reviews on the internet. We discovered that they are not present on any social media platforms when conducting our study. 

They don’t have reviews on their website by the people who attended their live events. We recommend that you wait a few days to hear from other people.



There are no reviews, no popularity, and a slew of significant factors tell us that it’s not a legitimate website. However, if they make certain improvements, their popularity will undoubtedly increase. And, hopefully, someday tubavtogether.comwill be legit. As a result, we can confidently say that the website appears to be illegitimate. 

This info will be updated if they make back-end modifications. We have provided you with all of the information you require regarding this website. So you can now form your opinions.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about this website.

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