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Are you looking for verisure reviews? We have come out with another fantastic article that will review the verisure com website. We are cautious about leaving our home or our shops where assets or prized possessions are kept. Hence, we look out for the best security for these things. is quite famous in the United Kingdom. Customers are swearing over their large security functions. Verisure is renowned worldwide for its commendable security services and is a trusted brand. Let us find more about this fantastic website.

What is verisure com?


Verisure is a website that provides security solutions for all humans. They have strong portfolios in different countries and is famous worldwide. 

The company provides monitoring for specific areas 24/7 to have peace of mind anytime, anywhere. The application makes it simple to watch your possessions even you are anywhere in the world. Thus, providing a sigh of relief to the user. Let us know more about verisure reviews.


  • Email- info(at)verisure(dot)com
  • Address- Unit 1 Ground Floor, Brent side Executive Park, Great West, TW8 9DBrentford, London, United Kingdom
  • Website- www(dot)verisure(dot)co(dot)uk
  • Owner- unknown 
  • Phone- 02038853296

Key features:

  • A customised on-site security expert is allowed so that the experts can understand the needs of the home before recommending you a product designed for your home.
  • Professionals of the company do the installation, and verisure also provides lifetime maintenance to the users.
  • There is an expert that monitors all the intruder activities in your home. Also, it recognises any fire, drought, flood or other personal circumstances happening and offers help to their customers immediately.
  • The application provides access to see your asset anytime, anywhere, which is a commendable feature.


  • Huge customer base. More than 4 million customers trust this site and put their money on it.
  • Its cameras, wireless alarms, brake sensors, anti-jamming technology, and Fog barriers provide excellent home security.
  • With the anti-jamming technology and fog barriers, the intruder cannot enter the home. As soon as the team monitors the intruder’s entry, it quickly activates the alarms and starts taking action against the intruder.
  • Smoke detectors and fire detectors can alarm the owner before a significant incident take place.
  • The website is SSL encrypted.
  • The customer service is active all the time.


  • Owners’ identity not revealed.
  • No mentioning of shipping charges.
  • The phone number is not verified.

Is verisure legit? 


Yes, the website is legitimate. Let us find more about verisure reviews.

We declare the website to be legit. The domain is pretty active on social media sites. The portal is quite old which can be trusted. There has been a great customer base. 

Verisure reviews by customers:


We have seen mixed reviews by customers. The ratings are although higher because the positive reviews are more. The rating is 4.5 stars fro five stars

The brand can be trusted as the customer’s rating is satisfactory. Thus giving the new buyer a sigh of satisfaction to invest their hard-earned money on this platform. 



We thereby conclude our article with the points mentioned above through thorough research and analysis. We have been unbiased and have only said what we found out. We have provided the verisure reviews by customer also.

Still, you can do your part of the research. After all, it is your money. The site can be trusted from our source’s information and if you are still unsure. You can see customers review videos on YouTube.

Social media presenceYes
Trust scoregood
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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